Thursday, September 23, 2021

Why It Is Important to Have a Diverse Mix of Talent at Your Venue


Why It Is Important to Have a Diverse Mix of Talent at Your Venue

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Pop culture is always changing and evolving, with new things being deemed “cool” or “uncool” every day. The same could be said for live entertainment, as new artists, bands, and comedians are constantly hitting the scene across a variety of genres. If you’re a venue owner looking to hire a comedian or simply shake things up at your spot, here are a few reasons why it is important to have a diverse mix of talent at your venue. 

Attract New Patrons

One of the biggest benefits of having a diverse mix of talent at your venue is that you’ll be able to attract new patrons that haven’t visited your venue before. If you’re a venue that usually hosts acoustic country musicians, try switching things up by booking a rap or hip-hop artist. Not only will the new mix of talent help you attract new faces, but your venue will earn more local respect as a place that hosts many different kinds of talent, not just one. 

Increased Profits

Another huge benefit of having a diverse mix of talent at your venue is the opportunity for a big increase in ticket sales and profits. When word gets out that your venue is now hosting a variety of different talent, people will be flocking to your venue like never before. More patrons equals more ticket sales, and more ticket sales equals happy talent AND an increased profit for you! It’s a win-win all around. 

Earn a Good Reputation 

Your reputation is everything, especially when you’re a venue owner. Being known as the venue with it’s finger on the pulse of what’s cool at all times will only work in your favor, so keep that in mind when looking to hire new talent. When people are trying to decide where to go on a night out, they’ll instantly think of your venue if they know you always have something new and exciting going on.


When we’re talking about diversity in music, we’re often talking about different genres, however it’s important to acknowledge that there is also cultural diversity to consider as well. Look at the different cultures, nationalities, and backgrounds that are represented in your community and consider whether the talent you hire reflects that. Not only will you pull in new, interested patrons, but you’ll be able to expose your regular guests to music from other cultures they may have not heard before. 

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