Monday, May 17, 2021

Hardwood Maintenance in Your Home


If you have wood flooring in your home or are considering an installation of hardwood floors, it’s in your best interest to know how to maintain it for optimal look and feel as well as keeping it in quality condition for a long time. Here are some tips for wood flooring maintenance.

Keep Your Hardwood Floor Debris Free

It’s important that you remove debris from your floor on a regular basis. Even if there’s a piece of debris on the wood floor and you walk over it, this can scratch or otherwise ruin the surface. Make sure that you sweep every day and you can vacuum it on a hard floor setting so that there won’t be any scratching from your vacuum. It’s a good idea to do this since anything with strong suction will get more dust and debris out of your floor.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

If you apply chemicals to the finish, it’s likely to cause some hazing that builds up over months and it won’t look good. Avoid using anything that says it will shine or polish your wood floor since it’s a supplemental product. It’s not designed to wear over time. 

Clean with a Damp Mop 

You shouldn’t bring out the wet bucket and soak your floors. Only use a damp mop and your cleaning product. This is because it causes swelling. Also, you shouldn’t steam the wood flooring since the vapor will enter small spaces and damage it. 

Scratching Is Normal 

It’s totally normal to have scratches on your hardwood floor. You’ll have to get used to this as part of owning this type of flooring. You can put a stain marker from a wood furniture touch-up kit on any scratches to cover them up. 

Recoating Is Ideal 

You can and should recoat your hardwood floor over time. Once you notice it’s starting to wear down, it’s time to do so. This involves putting another coat of finish on and doesn’t require you to do any sanding at all. It does well to prolong your hardwood floor’s life for several years so that you can save time and energy. 

When you put effort into caring for your Denver Hardwood floor, you’ll definitely see amazing results. You’ll have a beautiful floor that is sure to stand against the test of time. That’s the main reason why you want to learn how to clean and treat it properly from the beginning. Give it a try and find out if it works for your business and you likely won’t regret it.

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