Thursday, February 4, 2021

To Move Or Not To Move?

 Recently, our family has been discussing the possibility of moving. We've lived here at our current home for right about ten years, but a couple things have prompted us to consider moving to a completely different state. There are two possible locations we have been looking at, both with many pros on the list. We have also considered the costs of living in different cities/parts of the country to get an idea of where we could afford to move. My dream home would be a log cabin on a few acres somewhere in the south, but I'm open to consider whatever seems like the right move (pun intended).

One of the main reasons we would like to move is for a slightly warmer climate. Our family raises dogs and it would be much easier to have a kennel outside and have some sort of outdoor setup for puppies as they grow older as well. Obviously, this isn't really something we can do where we live now, due to the severe cold (supposed to be in the teens all next week) and snow. Our family would also like to live out of the city/town on some property with the ability to have laying hens, maybe a horse, et cetera. Although the town we live in now is small, we're right in town and thus can't own livestock. 

Another item on the pros of moving list is being in a warmer climate for ourselves, not just for the dogs. While we all enjoy a white Christmas, having snow, ice, and cold weather from November to April gets old really fast. I told my sister just this week that I am ready to spend winters in a warmer, sunnier part of the country!

One huge plus of moving would be the likelihood of getting to live near some of our closest friends. We have been eyeing LA (that's lower Alabama for the uninformed :) which just happens to be near good friends and a good Church. The location also puts us closer to several different events and places we like to visit, a slightly more central location for most of our trips.

Now, one aspect of moving that takes a lot of consideration is obviously the financial part. Rent or buy? From owner or a real estate agent? What kind of mortgage could we afford? There are so many things to weigh out, analyze, and prayerfully consider when looking at a huge life change like this! 

Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite state/city to live in and what you love about it! 

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