Monday, February 8, 2021

Selling Your Home? Enlist The Help Of These 5 Professionals

 Whether you are upgrading to a larger home or relocating to a new area when you list your home for sale you will likely want to move quickly. While your home is on the market, you may be making two mortgage payments and rearranging your schedule to accommodate viewings. You are likely already working with a real estate agent. But, if you are motivated to sell your home quickly you will need a few other professionals on your team. These experts can provide essential services that can make selling your home easier, faster, and more profitable.

Landscaper: When potential buyers wish to see the inside of their home, they will need to set up a viewing through their realtor, which can give you a bit of time to prepare. However, you will not have that benefit when it comes to the exterior. Many buyers drive through the neighborhood to see the outside of a home before formally setting up a viewing. Curb appeal is a key component of appealing to buyers. To ensure you are always making the right first impression, hire a Lakewood lawn service to make sure your yard is in tip-top shape. Be sure to have routine lawn mowing, as well as hedge trimming and flower bed maintenance as needed.

Cleaning Service: Potential buyers expect to see a pristine home that is free of clutter. But, you won’t have time to perform a deep cleaning before every viewing. Just before your home officially goes on to the market, hire a cleaning service to clean all the baseboards, blinds, windows, and above cabinets. Then, bring your cleaning team back at least weekly for routine cleanings. Cleaning service pricing varies by area and the size of the home, but you can expect to pay between $100 - $200. This can be a wise investment if it means getting your house sold sooner.

Photographer: The first experience potential buyers will have with your home will be through online photos. While the listing will also have a description of your home, many buyers will skip past it in favor of scrolling through photos. Some real estate routinely work with professional photographers, but if you do not, it can be worthwhile to spring for one on your own. A professional photographer can make your online listing stand out from the crowd by providing large numbers of detailed, high-quality photos shot from the best angles and in the best lighting. 

Handyman: Potential buyers will go through your home with a fine-tooth comb, so you will need to as well. Little details like a loose toilet seat, a faulty light fixture, a sagging cabinet door, or a squeaky hinge might not seem like much. But, those fine points can add up in the mind of a buyer and make your home seem less than ideal. When you place your home on the market, bring in a handyman to help with minor repairs and to touch up paint.

Pet Sitter: While you know how important your dog or cat is to the life of your home, potential buyers might have different ideas. Having a pet roaming around the house during viewings may make buyers feel uncomfortable and encourage them to cut the visit short. Plus, seeing a pet can make potential buyers worry about stains and soiled carpets. To help buyers feel at home in your home, enlist the services of a pet sitter to watch your dog or cat during showings.

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