Monday, February 8, 2021

Selling Your Home? Enlist The Help Of These 5 Professionals

 Whether you are upgrading to a larger home or relocating to a new area when you list your home for sale you will likely want to move quickly. While your home is on the market, you may be making two mortgage payments and rearranging your schedule to accommodate viewings. You are likely already working with a real estate agent. But, if you are motivated to sell your home quickly you will need a few other professionals on your team. These experts can provide essential services that can make selling your home easier, faster, and more profitable.

Landscaper: When potential buyers wish to see the inside of their home, they will need to set up a viewing through their realtor, which can give you a bit of time to prepare. However, you will not have that benefit when it comes to the exterior. Many buyers drive through the neighborhood to see the outside of a home before formally setting up a viewing. Curb appeal is a key component of appealing to buyers. To ensure you are always making the right first impression, hire a Lakewood lawn service to make sure your yard is in tip-top shape. Be sure to have routine lawn mowing, as well as hedge trimming and flower bed maintenance as needed.

Cleaning Service: Potential buyers expect to see a pristine home that is free of clutter. But, you won’t have time to perform a deep cleaning before every viewing. Just before your home officially goes on to the market, hire a cleaning service to clean all the baseboards, blinds, windows, and above cabinets. Then, bring your cleaning team back at least weekly for routine cleanings. Cleaning service pricing varies by area and the size of the home, but you can expect to pay between $100 - $200. This can be a wise investment if it means getting your house sold sooner.

Photographer: The first experience potential buyers will have with your home will be through online photos. While the listing will also have a description of your home, many buyers will skip past it in favor of scrolling through photos. Some real estate routinely work with professional photographers, but if you do not, it can be worthwhile to spring for one on your own. A professional photographer can make your online listing stand out from the crowd by providing large numbers of detailed, high-quality photos shot from the best angles and in the best lighting. 

Handyman: Potential buyers will go through your home with a fine-tooth comb, so you will need to as well. Little details like a loose toilet seat, a faulty light fixture, a sagging cabinet door, or a squeaky hinge might not seem like much. But, those fine points can add up in the mind of a buyer and make your home seem less than ideal. When you place your home on the market, bring in a handyman to help with minor repairs and to touch up paint.

Pet Sitter: While you know how important your dog or cat is to the life of your home, potential buyers might have different ideas. Having a pet roaming around the house during viewings may make buyers feel uncomfortable and encourage them to cut the visit short. Plus, seeing a pet can make potential buyers worry about stains and soiled carpets. To help buyers feel at home in your home, enlist the services of a pet sitter to watch your dog or cat during showings.

Thursday, February 4, 2021

To Move Or Not To Move?

 Recently, our family has been discussing the possibility of moving. We've lived here at our current home for right about ten years, but a couple things have prompted us to consider moving to a completely different state. There are two possible locations we have been looking at, both with many pros on the list. We have also considered the costs of living in different cities/parts of the country to get an idea of where we could afford to move. My dream home would be a log cabin on a few acres somewhere in the south, but I'm open to consider whatever seems like the right move (pun intended).

One of the main reasons we would like to move is for a slightly warmer climate. Our family raises dogs and it would be much easier to have a kennel outside and have some sort of outdoor setup for puppies as they grow older as well. Obviously, this isn't really something we can do where we live now, due to the severe cold (supposed to be in the teens all next week) and snow. Our family would also like to live out of the city/town on some property with the ability to have laying hens, maybe a horse, et cetera. Although the town we live in now is small, we're right in town and thus can't own livestock. 

Another item on the pros of moving list is being in a warmer climate for ourselves, not just for the dogs. While we all enjoy a white Christmas, having snow, ice, and cold weather from November to April gets old really fast. I told my sister just this week that I am ready to spend winters in a warmer, sunnier part of the country!

One huge plus of moving would be the likelihood of getting to live near some of our closest friends. We have been eyeing LA (that's lower Alabama for the uninformed :) which just happens to be near good friends and a good Church. The location also puts us closer to several different events and places we like to visit, a slightly more central location for most of our trips.

Now, one aspect of moving that takes a lot of consideration is obviously the financial part. Rent or buy? From owner or a real estate agent? What kind of mortgage could we afford? There are so many things to weigh out, analyze, and prayerfully consider when looking at a huge life change like this! 

Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite state/city to live in and what you love about it! 

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

What to look out for in a Sprinkler Repair Company


As a house owner, you would want to ensure that everything about your house is functioning properly. You will have to inspect and verify that nothing within and outside your home is falling apart. It is crucial that you carry out these inspections frequently to avoid expensive repairs and maintenance. You need to hand over several repair services to experts or professionals to handle them for you around your home. One of them is the installation of a brand new sprinkler system or Sprinkler repair Denver.

It would help if you considered several factors when looking for a good sprinkler repair service to ensure that the job is handled professionally and the quality of delivery is not compromised. Here is what you need to look out for when hiring a professional sprinkler repair company.

Appropriate equipment

The most important thing you need to ensure is that the company you want to hire is well-equipped with the right resources. Professional sprinklers and repair companies should have the most appropriate state of the art equipment's and tools for their job, and they should also know which supplies are needed. Different clients have different lawn types, and they should have equipment that can handle all kinds of lawn to enable them to keep your landscape in top-notch shape and condition as they carry out your sprinkler system.

Their experience

The installation or repair of an in-ground sprinkler is not that simple as it may seem to you. It entails proper planning that will involve taking accurate measurements and giving due attention to crucial variables such as the sprinkler's pattern. An experienced sprinkler service provider will ensure that they make various patterns overlap well so that the external edges receive an adequate amount of water for backflow prevention and healthy growth.


It is extremely vital that you hire a company that has a wealth of relevant knowledge. A professional has the requisite expertise and experience to install and carry out some repair on a sprinkler system. This means they are well trained in handling backflow prevention. You may not understand well how backflow prevention is done, but an expert knows that it must remain well safeguarded to avoid chances of flooding and backups triggering, which may be caused by blockages in your sewer line.


You may need to use your new sprinkler as soon as it is installed or repaired. Therefore, when you hire a professional company, they will ensure that your sprinkler job is done speedily without affecting your day to day activities. Also, they can avoid impairing or messing up your current landscape. They will ensure you get top-quality service.


The cost of a service is a critical consideration to most people. A professional sprinkler company will install and design the most energy-efficient and cost-effective layout for your yard. They are familiar with regional plumbing and electrical codes, and therefore they will avoid any blunder during wiring and piping, which may increase the cost.

Get in touch with a professional Sprinkler repair company that meets these qualities to take care of all your sprinkler installation and repair needs.

5 Tips on how to choose a carpet cleaning company


The beauty of floors is usually maintained by the kind of carpets that are placed on them. On top of according beauty to a floor, carpets are very significant in offering protection to a floor from wear and tire. This call for cleaning of carpets a necessary exercise, given that they collect so much dirt that might have settle on the floor surface, and given the nature of the carpets, they require some professionalism to perfectly clean them.

Nonetheless, selecting the best expert to clean your carpet is not easy as many people don't have the experience in dealing with carpet cleaning companies. They are usually not sure of what to look out for when choosing a reliable company. Here are a few tips from Eco Carpet Cleaning Denver on what you need to look out for when choosing a carpet cleaning company.

Equipment used by the company

The firm's equipment to clean the carpet is the first thing you need to consider. Carpets are made of different materials, of which some are so heavy that they will need a heavy machine to clean them properly. The carpet cleaning company you need to select should have the necessary equipment to do away with all the dirt on your carpet.

Detergent used

The best carpet cleaning companies have experience and will know which type of detergent to use that will wash your carpet so well. However, you need to find out from them what kind of detergent they use to recommend any detergent that you may want for your reason if they can agree to it. They may be using a particular type that will affect your health.


The price that a carpet cleaning company will charge you is also essential. Usually, people operate within budgets as nobody has an unlimited budget. The price charges should fall within your allocated budget to avoid getting into debt. You can carry out some research and compare various prices that different companies charge to settle for one that will be affordable to you while at the same time the company should be well known to offer quality services. It is essential to go with moderation and not compromise on the quality of service been provided with the cost.


The experience of the company over the years in operation is significant when selecting a carpet cleaning firm. It is advisable to settle for one that has been in operation for many years in your area since they possess much skill and knowledge on cleaning compared to new firms that are joining the industry.

Customer care

One final thing you need to consider when choosing a carpet cleaning company is the customer care level that they provide to customers. It would help if you found out their level of commitment and passion for the job upfront. It is a good idea to find out about some of its customers as a reference. Additionally, you can ask the company to share with you some of their customer's testimonials.

It is vital to realize that the kind of carpet cleaning you choose for your carpets will directly correlate with the longevity of your carpet as well as how the carpet looks on a regular basis. Choose carefully to avoid regrets as well as waste cash.