Tuesday, September 29, 2020

6 Reasons Why You Need to Get Your Windows Winter Ready


As cooler temperatures settle in, it’s a good time to go over your winter prep checklist. Many homeowners inspect their gutters, drain their water pipes, and so on. Be sure to include maintenance of your Denver Windows while you’re preparing for the frigid months ahead. Here’s why it’s important to do so.

Reason #1: The Window Trim Won’t Rot Away

Exterior wood on roofs and siding is treated for wood rot, but not so much for the wood on window trim. Excess moisture from rain and wet snow can perpetuate trim wood rot, leading to damaged windows and moldy siding. Paint and repair the wood on your window trim as needed to prevent further headaches in the coming winter. Exterior wood stains are an attractive and durable protective option. 

Reason #2: Fewer Bugs and Critters Can Get in

As windows age, the gaps and cracks can get bigger with each year. Critters look for warm sheltered nooks and crannies when cold weather strikes, and that includes your windows. If the thought of spiders and mice in your house creeps you out, that alone should motivate you to get insulation strips for your windows!

Reason #3: You’ll Save More on Your Heating Bill

At some point, you have probably heard this phrase before: “windows that perform better help you save more on your heating bill.” But how much energy can you really save with regular upkeep on your windows? Well, it turns out to be a lot… 25 to 30 percent! 

Reason #4: It’s Cheaper Than Replacing the Whole Window

Regular maintenance on your windows helps them to last longer, and it’s simple too. A fresh caulk or weatherstrip job is much cheaper than a window replacement. If you do end up replacing your window, use the opportunity to purchase an energy-efficient model to save money on maintenance in the future.

Reason #5: You’re Better Prepared for Winter Storms

Think of your windows as a shield. They’re the only barrier that keeps your home safe from the elements during a storm. Do you want to take your chances with a window that’s in iffy condition? Check the storm rating on your windows, and plan accordingly. 

Reason #6: They Simply Look Better

Let’s face it, well-kept windows have better curb appeal. You also get a better view from the inside when you’re cooped up indoors. Regular cleaning of your windows and siding helps control the growth of mildew, particularly in shady spots. Window sills are sometimes overlooked, but important to wash too. Clean window sills help improve indoor air quality.

These reasons alone provide good motivation for the regular maintenance of your windows. Doing most of the work yourself is simple and doesn’t cost much. By taking action now, your windows will last longer and you won’t have to handle emergency repairs out in the cold. You can relax by the fireplace knowing that your windows are already taken care of for next year.

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