Friday, August 28, 2020

Tool Sets For Everyday Use

 Over the past several months (during quarantine or whatever you'd like to call it), I've been doing a lot of thorough housework. This means clearing out junk that has accumulated that we don't need, making any small repairs I find, adding some new home decor - basically giving our home a facelift, so to speak! It was a great opportunity to get so many little things done that I've had on a mental checklist for forever but never could find time to accomplish. One thing I found absolutely necessary for so many of these home projects is a good tool set

One of the main projects I had was finally hanging up all those family pictures and cute or inspirational quotes we had sitting around the house. Hobby Lobby is one of our favorite stores to just spend a couple hours wandering, so of course we end up with a lot of wall decor that somehow usually just sits in the back room gathering dust until the time some brave soul ventures in to find a piece they'd like to hang. There are a couple tools necessary for this; the first and most obvious being a hammer. I'm rather picky about my hammer; I don't like the overly big, designed-for-major-construction-projects hammers. Something small, light, and easy to wield in small areas, such as if I'm hanging a picture in a corner and don't have room to maneuver a larger hammer. In addition, I like to use a tape measure or ruler to make sure that everything is level and even. Some larger pictures have two hooks on the back for hanging, so it's especially important with these. But even to just make sure your entire decor is not going to look sloppy and haphazard, it's a good idea to use a tape measure before driving those nails in!

A screwdriver is another must-have for frequent use around the house. Whether it's hanging a set of wall shelves, fixing a cupboard door, or putting a new door handle on, screwdrivers are essential. Some people prefer the traditional separate flat and phillips heads; I have a kit with the bits in different sizes and heads. This make it super simple to swap from project to project without needing to carry multiple screwdrivers around. Mine even has the bits tucked neatly into a carrier inside the handle of the screwdriver, so it's super easy!

One other item you'll want in a home tool kit is a wrench. This probably won't receive as much use as the hammer and screwdriver, but it's still common enough use that having one handy is important. Tightening nuts and bolts won't come up as often around the house, but just when you think a wrench isn't important, you'll find yourself needing one! Of course, what you need/use most often will determine what you want in your tool kit. I like to keep a pair of scissors, some pliers, wire cutters, and some nails and screws in varying sizes in my kit so I'm prepared for whatever the day and project may require. What does your home tool kit have?

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