Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Sportswear Shopping On a Budget

Hey, everybody! Do we have any Columbia fans among our readers? When I hear Columbia, I typically think of two things: their outerwear and their athletic apparel. Truth is, my uncle is a huge fan of their casual shirts, but my favorites are, as I said, exercise tops and jackets.

I think my first experience actually wearing anything Columbia brand was not too long ago when my sister and I were visiting northern Kentucky and had forgot to bring any jackets with us. *Insert facepalm here.* Yes, we took a trip in October, it was warm where we were coming from, and we didn't think to bring even a lightweight jacket with us! Thankfully, we had a friend who loaned us a couple of jackets and, you guessed it, they were both Columbia brand. I promise, it's not just my chattering teeth speaking when I say that was one of the most comfy jackets I had ever put on! I ended up buying another jacket on our trip, but I was loathe to give that one back to the owner. Needless to say, that drew my attention to Columbia from that point on. Yes, I had seen their apparel in various stores, numerous friends wear Columbia, but that was my first time actually feeling the Columbia comfort for myself.

Next to the jackets, my favorite Columbia product line is their athletic shirts. I'm pretty active, I go biking/walking/running at least 4 days a week, and we also take day trips to go hiking whenever possible. No matter what the occasion or location, Columbia is sure to have the perfect shirt for it. You can always count on Columbia to have comfortable fit and practical style, all wrapped up in a lovely design. Whether you need a long sleeved base layer for a winter hike, a short sleeve tee for a summer jog, or anything in between, or even casual athleisure wear, Columbia has you covered.

Now, Columbia isn't the most pricy apparel brand by any means, but they are typically going to be more expensive than your generic store-brand clothing. In my opinion, the old age stays true; you get what you pay for. To me, they are worth the extra few dollars to get the quality and comfort that far outlasts other brands. (For example, said jacket that we borrowed from a friend was about ten years old and still in great condition!) However, I understand it's not always easy to justify or even afford the price of quality. I consider myself a great budget shopper, deal finder, whatever you'd like to call it, and have often astounded friends with the bargains I can find. Most people would be surprised how easy it is to find insane deals on Columbia apparel. I usually shop around a bit, either online or in store, and decide what product(s) I'm interested in, but I definitely don't purchase right away. I like to wait, check out what sales are going on or will be starting soon, find coupons, and do all the research I can to make sure I'm getting the best deal possible. My favorite department store often runs sales and coupons in conjunction with each other, so I love when I walk out with a bag full of goods and see on the receipt that I spent maybe $47 and saved over $300! It's an incredible feeling for sure! You can also find great deals online at places like Slickdeals, among others. Don't settle for just buying something the instant you see it-check out what bargains you can find, and you'll be amazed at how much you can save!

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