Monday, June 15, 2020

Top 3 Unique Treats To Try This Summer

If you love snack foods but you’re getting bored of the old standbys, you may be looking for unique new snacks to work into your diet. After all, studies have shown that novelty is an important factor in human satisfaction. If you’re looking for some unique treats to try out this summer, take a look below.

1. Spicy Chocolate

If you’re a lover of all things chocolate, you may have tried a lot of flavors, but odds are you’ve never tried gourmet spicy chocolate. While you might think at first that sweet and spicy wouldn’t go together, the combination can actually bring out an incredible depth of flavor and an extra-satisfying kick! For die-hard chocolate lovers – and even for the casual dabbler – spicy chocolate is a bucket-list snack item.

2. Roasted Chickpeas

While this snack’s name might sound like something your mom would make you finish off your dinner plate, don’t discount it just yet! These chickpeas are heavily spiced and specially roasted until they get crispy, to provide a satisfying crunch on par with any chips – and much healthier, to boot! Chickpeas are especially high in protein, making this the perfect snack for vegans and vegetarians.

3. Frozen Fruit Smoothies

For anyone who loved eating copious amounts of ice cream in the summertime as a kid but still wants to get a serving of fruit in, frozen fruit smoothies could strike the perfect balance. These frozen smoothies often taste just like fruit sorbet but are secretly healthy, meaning you get to enjoy the frozen-treat flavors of childhood while still working in your vitamin C!
Summer is the perfect time to try new things, and these delicious, unique snacks fit the bill. Whether you prefer frozen treats, crunchy delights or sweet-and-spicy surprises, when you think outside the box, you're sure to find your new favorite food. Try shaking up your snacking routine with one of these creative picks today!

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