Monday, March 16, 2020

Foods to Order From Your Local Mexican Catering Menu

Foods to Order From Your Local Mexican Catering Menu

Whether you're hosting a party or planning a wedding, you might be at the phase where you're picking out a caterer. This may be one of the hardest parts of planning because not everyone likes the same food. However, many people enjoy Mexican food, as long as it's not too spicy. If you're considering a mexican catering menu houston tx, think about foods that both kids and adults can enjoy. Take a look at a few restaurants and try out their foods yourself. Then, make a decision about what foods to serve at your event.


When it comes to ordering Mexican cuisine for your gathering, you'll likely never go wrong with tacos. However, you can switch things up a bit and try different taco fillings. For example, you might consider serving Al Pastor, which is pork marinated in citrus, chilies and spices. This is served with pineapple, which complements the flavor of the pork. Carnitas are also great to add to your tortillas because the shredded pork has a smoky flavor and is seasoned with flavorful spices, like cumin and coriander seeds. Plus, the meat has a perfect mixture of tenderness and crispiness.


Tamales can also be a delicious addition to your Mexican catering menu. Tamales are made from a cornmeal dough called masa. This delicious food tastes even better with a meaty filling like braised pork or chicken. You can complement tamales with a healthy, green salad or grilled veggies. You can also add a vegetarian version of tamales to your catering menu that includes fresh corn, tomatoes, green onions, cilantro and cheese.
Finding a Mexican caterer for your event can be fun. It can be a great experience to try out different foods before you add them to your menu.

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