Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Creating a Home Office on a Budget

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular in this digital age. However, remote employees are often left without a space to do their jobs efficiently and without distraction. Here are a few things you can do to build your own home office without building up your credit card debt.

Buy Used or Clearance Items

Large items like printers, ergonomic chairs, desktop monitors, and laptops can quickly put a dent in your wallet and leave you with little spending for much else. Shopping in budget-friendly stores (think Wal-Mart or The Dollar Store) instead of big-name office supply shops can save you money on your pricier needs. Hitting up the clearance aisle or thrift stores for things like pre owned desks, older version laptops, and on-sale pens and paper can leave you with a larger budget for other office necessities

Optimize Space

Figuring out where to put your home office can be difficult. While you want somewhere you can focus, updating, organizing, and repurposing a whole room in your house can be costly and time-consuming. Consider sectioning off a corner dedicated to work using a stand-alone screen or hanging a curtain rod. If you are easily distracted, using a space that doesn’t already have a designated function, like an attic or basement can be a cheap way to keep you focused.

Decorate Yourself

Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t make your workspace creative, inspiring, and comfortable. Grab your overalls and paintbrush and cover the walls with a relaxing color- doing it yourself instead of hiring outside help can not only save you money but can also help you hone your home improvement skills. Adorn your desk with pictures of family and friends or your kids' artwork for some personal flair.

Being a stay-at-home employee should be an easy way to earn income while saving on things like transportation costs and professional attire. Follow these simple steps so creating your home office won’t put you in debt.

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