Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Buying Antiques

So you’re ready to graduate from flat pack furniture to something a little classier. Maybe you’re thinking you’d like to add some quality antiques to your home inventory. If you're more used to furniture that needs to be assembled with an Allen wrench, there are a few things to keep in mind, when you’re looking for antiques.

Be Prepared to find it... or not

Whatever you're looking for, you might not find it right away. Antique stores can’t manufacture pieces to your specifications, after all. The hunt is part of the experience and part of the fun, but just as you must be prepared to keep looking, you should also be prepared to move fast when you do find what you’re looking for. If you wait and come back later, it might be gone. So be prepared with packers and movers St Louis MO or your area, so you can lay down your money and get that perfect piece home ASAP.

Do Your Research

The internet is an incredible resource. Most professional antique dealers use the internet to identify and price their antiques, and so can you. If you’re concerned about the quality, or simply wanting to know more, the internet is only a few clicks away — or you can ask the shop owner if they know any more about the piece you’re interested in, or the thing you’re looking for.

Cold Hard Cash

Antique dealers are generally small business owners. Some of them don’t even take credit cards, and most of them won’t have a system for layaway. On top of that, sometimes you might find that a better bargain is available if you’re willing to pay cash. If you can pay cash, make sure the dealer knows that. It doesn’t hurt to ask if there’s a discount for cash sales. Soon enough you’ll be antiquing like a pro!

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