Monday, August 12, 2019

A Quick Guide to Musical Theater

Many cities have thriving musical theater scenes that attract visitors from all over the world. Broadway, for example, attracted nearly 15 million attendances last year alone. Almost two-thirds of that number was from tourists, many of whom cited seeing a show as a reason for visiting in the first place. Are you considering seeing a production on a trip? Here are some things to know.   

Musical vs Cabaret

Musical theater (or musicals) and cabarets are popular options available in many areas. Musicals are theatrical and contain elements of music, acting and dance. They are traditionally viewed in large to small venues with a group of performers. Cabarets are also a type of theatrical entertainment involving song and dance, but these are usually performed in pubs, casinos, restaurants or nightclubs. Check online for reviews of local productions and venue information such as a cabaret in New York City.

On and Off Broadway

While the street in Manhattan is the origin of term, Broadway, Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway productions are not designated so much for their locations as they are for the size of the venue. Broadway performances are shown in New York halls that accommodate 500 viewers or more. Off-Broadway theaters hold between 100 and 499 attendees, and Off-Off Broadway seat fewer than 100. Many popular musicals began as Off-Broadway and later became Broadway shows.

Getting Tickets

Check online for the best way to purchase tickets. Although tickets can be bought over the Internet or by phone, sometimes the best prices are only available in-person. In some cases, deeply discounted tickets can be purchased by waiting in line on the day of a show. In an effort to fill seats, prices may be cut drastically just before showtime.
The thrill of enjoying a live theatrical performance is hard to beat. It may be the sole reason for traveling to a particular place, or one part of a larger trip itinerary. Advance planning is often necessary to secure tickets, but less expensive shows for smaller audiences can be just as entertaining.