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Going Green in the Workplace

Everyone wants to do all that they can to help the environment. While you may already be recycling, using energy efficient bulbs, and reducing waste at home, you might not be implementing these same values at work. Use the following suggestions to encourage your workmates to do their part in preserving our world for the future.


Recycling will reduce the amount of trash your workplace generates on a day to day basis. Set up bins where employees can deposit their empty plastic bottles along with a second bin for cans. Generate enthusiasm for this project by turning the cans in for money at your local recycling center. If you live in a state that requires a deposit for plastic bottles, turn the empty ones back in for more money. Use this cash to host an annual company party.

Change the Bulbs

Large factories already have companies that take care of bulb replacement, but if your business is small, you need to rethink all of your lighting. Replace bulbs in table lamps and other fixtures with energy efficient versions. They last much longer than traditional bulbs, and they use less wattage which can reduce the monthly utility bills.

Reduce Waste

Dont think that just because your business has a large dumpster for trash that it isn't important to reduce waste. If you are selling a product, consider encouraging customers to bring in their own bags rather then having you pass out plastic ones. Use wiping rags made out of reclaimed textiles for cleaning, and consider having a water cooler installed rather then purchasing bottled drinks, and place a compost bin outside where food scraps from the lunch room can go to good use.
These steps may seem small and insignificant, but if every business began practicing these values, the impact on the environment could be tremendous. Along with being environmentally friendly, your business will be able to proudly say that they are doing their part when it comes to saving the planet.

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