Saturday, April 13, 2019

Give An Older Home A Modern Update

As excited as people get about buying a modern new home, it may surprise you to hear that just as many enjoy the charm and character of an older home, especially mid-century modern. But not everything that goes with one of these homes is all that charming. Outdated finishes, small windows and broad expanses of avocado green paint might have you giving it a second thought, but don’t give up – small fixes can make a huge difference.

The Ground You Walk on

When that shag carpeting needs to be replaced or you can’t take the linoleum in the kitchen anymore, start thinking wood. Hardwood floors can bring your home into this century faster than many other choices. Choose something warm and homey like Monarch Plank European oak for a look that will last.

Window of Opportunity

Consider replacing those tiny, energy efficient windows with a wall of glass if you have a great view. The resulting light can completely change the mood in your home and take away the closed in feeling. Windows are so much more energy efficient now that you can afford the extra size.

Modern Palette

Change up old worn paint and offbeat colors for something neutral and soothing for an instant style update. Lighter colors can help create a more open feel, and you may want to use the same color throughout the home for a cohesive style. Bring in accent colors using interesting accessories and textures.

Make a Big Entrance

If you don’t replace your entry door at least give it a fresh coat of paint in a color that pops in contrast to exterior home colors. Invest in new outdoor lighting, a few colorful potted plants, and a classy welcome mat to give your entrance a whole new vibe.

Start with just one project at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Painting the walls or installing wood floors can make the biggest impact. Your home is worth the effort and the enjoyment that comes with it is priceless.


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