Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Impact of Great Photographers

It’s amazing the power that a great image can provide to a personal brand or to a major corporation. People are very visual creatures and all of us rely on imagery to communicate feelings and ideas, as well as to receive them. All of this is why there is a long history of powerful images in our culture making an impact on the way people feel and think. Fashion designers and cosmetics companies have long used the powerful photographic images in magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar to create an impact with consumers. Great images can also influence cultural trends, especially in the way people dress. The power of this kind of imagery is also used in political campaigns, as there’s no doubt that strong images can sway the way voters, just like consumers, really feel.

The Influence of Great Photographers

Some of the great photographers of the last century include image makers Irving Penn and Richard Avedon. Both of these photographers had a background as a commercial lifestyle photographer, and they lent great artistry as well as technical skill to the photos they created. They used the top models of the time in their images for Vogue and other top fashion magazines and they both worked as commercial photographers as well as artists in their own right.

Today the influence of both of these photographers can be seen in the images seen in Vogue as well as in advertising imagery and on television. They both created images that combined an appreciation for beauty and color with a witty feel for culture. Today, our great commercial photographers owe both of these artists a great debt, as their styles live on in much of the imagery we see in fashion and commercial imagery that’s seen all over the globe.



                    How to Create a Spa-like Bathroom

Everyone needs some relaxation time at the end of a busy day. With a few additions and changes, your bathroom can become a relaxing, spa-like retreat. You’ll look forward to briefly escaping the chaos associated with a hectic daily schedule.

Clear the Clutter

One of the first things you need to do to make your bathroom look and feel spa-like is to remove any clutter you have in the room. You may need to remove some items and store them elsewhere or add a storage cabinet to the room to keep bathroom essentials out of sight.


Layered lighting is an ideal way to achieve a relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom. Chandelier lighting, wall sconces and lamps can be included in your bathroom design. Dimmer switches can greatly enhance the spa-like atmosphere in a bathroom.

Bathroom Fixtures

Certain changes, such as changing bathroom fixtures Apopka, can immediately transform your bathroom into a luxurious retreat. A bathroom vanity with shapely, elegant fixtures exudes luxury. Swapping out your basic shower head for a rainfall showerhead could accentuate the spa-like experience for you.


Incorporating wood into your bathroom décor could make it more visually relaxing. A wood bath tray would give the room a spa-like feel as would a teak shower mat. A wooden plant stand would also be a nice feature. Plants are a wonderful addition to a bathroom. Bringing in elements of nature will help you achieve a relaxing, earthy atmosphere in the bathroom. A wooden bowl filled with stones, shells or other items of nature can be displayed on the countertop.


Add luxurious accessories to your bathroom to increase the comfort of the room. Luxury bath towels and plush rugs can elevate the elegance of the room. An exquisite piece of art can a regal aspect to the room.

Small details can have a big impact in a spa-like bathroom design. Include colors you find soothing in your bathroom décor. Candles, soft music or white noise to block outside sounds and aromatherapy products can assist in creating a peaceful bathroom retreat.


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Saturday, December 8, 2018

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