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4 Reasons to Hire a Chimney Sweep Before Using Your Fireplace

A chimney sweep does much more than simply cleaning your fireplace chimney. The experts involved in chimney sweeping are able to assess the overall condition and safety of your fireplace. You should have your chimney inspected and cleaned once each year.

Remove Creosote Buildup
Creosote is a material created by burning wood in your fireplace. It coats the inner portions of the pipe and can build up to a point that is dangerous. Creosote can catch fire and cause a problem that quickly spreads to the rest of the home. You should have the chimney checked for creosote every year.

Clean the Piping and Firebox
The area that holds the burning wood is called the firebox. It is made with special bricks that can withstand high temperatures. Replacement of these bricks is necessary if they become loose or cracked. An inspection by chimney sweeps Baltimore MD can look for problems with the firebox or pipes that carry the smoke out of the chimney.

Make Sure the Interior Chimney Structure Is Safe
All parts of the interior of the chimney need to be in good working order and condition to safely use. Any defects and problems can lead to carbon monoxide buildup, fires, or having smoke back up into your home.

Inspect the Outer Chimney for Leaks and Soundness
Water leaks around your chimney can create a tremendous amount of water damage to your home. Missing flashing, cracked crowns, and missing chimney caps can allow water to pour directly down into your home. It will end up in setting the stage for problems with wood rot or mold.
Investing time and money in chimney sweep services is worthwhile to keep your family and home safe. A fireplace is a great way to bring heat to your home interior as long as the chimney is kept in good repair.


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