Saturday, November 3, 2018

3 Ways to Create the Coffee House Ambiance at Home

There's nothing like working in a coffeehouse to get a change of scenery. It can feel so good when you're able to get away, enjoy the smells of coffee brewing and be productive. However, there are times when you want to work in the privacy of your own home. Thankfully, you can create the same coffeehouse ambiance, work peacefully at home and stay in your pajamas. Consider the following three ways you can make it happen.

1. Set aside a work area. Don't fall into temptation and work in your bed. Instead, set up a desk and a chair. Make sure that you have good lighting so that you can see what you're working on. It's nice to set up your desk and chair in front of a window with a beautiful view. Think about the vibes that inspire you.
 2. Create the right playlist. Most coffeehouses play an incredible jazz blend. You can log onto sites like Pandora and Spotify to find tons of coffeehouse playlists. You can easily press play and let the tunes run for hours. If you don't have a Spotify or Pandora account, there are tons of YouTube accounts that have long playlists filled with jazz music. If you're not a huge fan of jazz music, pick an option that helps you to focus. Some people love to work while they listen to orchestral music. Others prefer white noise. Whatever helps you to focus, use it. However, if you want the coffeehouse vibe, pull out the jazz music.
 3. Prepare the right refreshments. Think about the coffeehouse options. Most coffeehouses include an incredible spread of cookies, brownies and other sweet treats. It's also nice to have savory options like quiche, croissants and avocado toast. If you'd like to enjoy the convenience of a delivery to your front doorstep, order cookies online from Don't forget that your drink matters. You can't create the coffeehouse vibe without coffee. Granted, if you prefer to enjoy tea, juice or water, that's okay. Just make sure that you have your options nearby. When you have your favorite snacks nearby, this helps you to achieve the authentic coffeehouse experience.

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