Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Repairing Your Sewer Line

Title: Whose Responsibility Is It to Repair Your Sewer Line?

A Clogged Line
One of the worst experiences that you can have is a sudden backed up toilet. Not just the tedious and annoying plugged toilet either. This is the terrifying and disgusting moment when water and debris within your toilet start to rise like a scene out of Jaws. Eventually, the water seeps out of your toilet and you're stuck standing in unclean water. Considering that that water can sometimes be home to bacteria and disease, the last thing you want is it seeping into your carpet or floor.
While for some toilets, a simple plunging might fix the problem, for others, you may be facing a far larger problem. The sewer line that connects your toilet to the sewer could be injured or damaged. If that's the case, you may be confused as to whose responsibility it falls upon to have it fixed. Considering that the problem includes the sewer, you may believe that the county will send someone to fix up the problem. That is not the case.

An Easy Solution
The sewer line itself is the responsibility of the homeowner. One of the best methods to fix a clogged or damaged sewer line is to undergo a sewer rodding. However, you don't want just anyone to perform the job for you. In the wrong hands, what was just a clogged line could end up being a leaking line if more damage is done to the line during the treatment. Because of this, you want to make sure you hire experienced and knowledgeable plumbers to do the job for you.
Courtesy Plumbing can be that plumber. They've worked on countless homes providing them all with healthy sewer lines. The fact that they've been featured on HGTV just goes to show that they are masters of their craft and a trusted company. Before your toilet tries to ruin your house, call Courtesy Plumbing to have them perform a thorough inspection of your sewer line.

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