Monday, July 16, 2018

Overland Trips Make a Great Vacation!

At one point, people loved to go to shopping malls and department stores. Now, many malls are shutting down. This is partly because Amazon has completely annihilated the competition. Online stores are putting a lot of brick-and-mortar stores out of business. However, statistics show that more people are interested in experiences instead of material goods. More people long to travel the world and enjoy amazing vacations. If you'd like to indulge in some unique travel experiences, consider the following tips for your travel excursions.

1. Lodging - For those that are looking to travel outside of the U.S., don't automatically opt for the four-star hotel. There are tons of vacation rental websites that showcase stunning private rentals. Enjoy exotic Italian vacation homes with stunning views. Some of these homes are easy to rent for less than $60 a night.

2. Transportation - If you've ever had a dream to go off-roading and would love to plow through the woods in a gigantic jeep, overland trips and similar options work perfectly. You'll be able to pick your ideal truck, try different tech tools and enjoy your off-roading dreams. Take a walk on the wild side and take this option instead of the typical economy rental car.

3. Food - Always make sure that you visit at least one popular restaurant that serves the local cuisine. Don't travel to another country and opt for burgers and fries. Expand your palate and try new dishes. Do some research to find out which restaurants are the hotspots in the area. Look at online reviews so that you'll know what you're walking into. Once you've experienced the menus of various restaurants, make sure that you return the favor and leave your personal reviews online.

4. Photos - No matter where you go, always have tons of pictures to savor the moment. It's also a great idea to document the trip through video footage. To take your footage to the next level, it's a nice idea to purchase a drone. Do a few test runs to learn how to operate it. As a vacation tradition, do a photo shoot with a local photographer. It's a great way to document your excursions around the world in a professional way.

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