Thursday, April 12, 2018

Eclectic Home Decor Ideas

Make a Statement with Eclectic Décor

Eclectic décor is not a hodge-podge of mismatched items placed haphazardly in a room. In order for an eclectic décor to be visually appealing, it should adhere to a specific theme. The items you include in an eclectic room can come from diverse time periods and represent different cultures, but there needs to be a common thread unifying the items.  With the current trend being one that supports eco-friendly, organic and healthy living, a décor theme of eclectic organic could ideally represent your lifestyle choice as well as your décor preference.

Modern Simplicity

A modern décor or a rustic modern décor ideally support an eco-friendly lifestyle. Minimalistic decorating is a feature of modern design. Taking a decorating cue from nature and incorporating natural items in your décor is a good way to showcase your lifestyle preference. Furniture made from wood and metal is an excellent option for a modern, eclectic décor. Home decor stores oregon is an excellent resource for natural furniture that complements an eclectic décor.  Furniture that focuses on sustainability as well as function and beauty would be a great choice for an eclectic, natural décor.  Unique chairs and tables constructed from natural products, chemical-free upholstery and decorative accessories that showcase the beauty nature has to offer can give your home the personalized look you desire.

Eclectic Bedroom

Your bedroom can become an eclectic, personally unique oasis with the inclusion of furniture made with sustainability in mind and bedding that supports your eco-friendly lifestyle. When you’re focused on living a healthy lifestyle, acquiring the proper amount of sleep should be one of your priorities. An eco-friendly mattress and eco-friendly bedding is the ideal foundation for a good night’s sleep. Choosing wood or tile flooring can also help make your bedroom a healthier place.

Live plants in quirky containers can enhance your eclectic décor. Rugs and pillows made from natural material can help make a room feel cozy. Add eclectic elements to your décor that provide a glimpse of your personality or showcase your interests.

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