Tuesday, October 11, 2016

How to Protect Car Club Components

How to Protect Car Club Components 

A golf cart is an investment, so you must protect it by using a proper storage cover. Without this accessory, any club car body parts that you buy will lose their cosmetic appeal. A golf cart cover protects vital components because it prevents:

Sun damage
Moisture damage

UV Rays are Harmful

Over time, the surfaces on a golf cart will appear dull if sunlight constantly shines on certain spots. The surfaces fade because the heat from the sun typically cooks the paint. In severe cases, the paint on a golf cart will peel if the UV rays are very intense. By placing a cover over your cart, you’ll protect the exterior from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays.

Moisture Causes Rusting 

If your community gets a lot of rainy weather, a cover can be quite helpful. You won’t need a cover if rain only impacts your area occasionally because reduced moisture can’t harm a golf cart. 

When rust builds up on a cart, the paint that’s applied along the exterior surfaces will slowly damage. If you can’t store your vehicle in a garage during a rainstorm, a golf cart cover is the best alternative option.

A Cover Prevents Scratches

In a typical yard, most golf carts are harmed when tree branches drop and scratch the paint. Pets also ruin the finish on carts in residential environments by generating scratches with their sharp claws. Covers that are designed for sports vehicles are thick and rugged, so pointy objects can’t puncture the material. 

Theft is a Huge Concern

Besides cosmetic damage, other steps must be taken in order to prevent theft. For example, if you invested an electric golf cart, consider buying an aftermarket ignition system because factory-install components are more susceptible to theft. The problem is that factory ignitions use generic keys, which are often used by many other golf cart owners. If you’d like extra protection, considering buying a:

Keypad lock
Pedal lock
Secured garage

In order to keep a golf cart in great condition, you must cover it after each use. If you’re concerned about theft, you can protect your investment by implementing strategic security procedures.