Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Detroit Criminal Lawyers

Three Things to Remember When You Are Arrested

Being placed under arrest can be confusing to someone who has never experienced it before, and even with experience, you can make legal mistakes. If you find yourself under arrest, there are several things to keep in mind during the process. The following are only three of them. 

Never resist being arrested
If you believe the arresting officer is making a mistake, under no circumstances should you resit the arrest. This is not legal, so you are only hurting your case. Remain calm and let the arresting officer proceed with making an invalid arrest. If the arrest is unlawful, your attorney will be able to fight the issue in court and have the arrest overturned. 

An officer can use force when making an arrest
The key to understanding what constitutes force is looking at it from the police officer's point of view. If the officer is attempting to place handcuffs on you and wants you to get on the ground in order to put the cuffs on, you need to get on the ground. A citizen doesn't have the right to tell the officer how to make the arrest. This is something that you can discuss with your attorney. What is important is that you follow instructions during the arrest procedure. 

You may not be under arrest
It is important to understand. Police officers have the right to detain you without placing you under arrest. In some cases, they simply want to ask you questions about a recent event, for example a nearby robbery. It may be an interrogation or it may be an attempt to get information from a potential witness about a crime. You are under no legal mandate to answer these questions, but this may lead to your arrest. Sometimes a police officer will handcuff a person for their safety while they do a search of a vehicle or an individual's clothes. If you are being detained and not arrested, you still do not have to answer questions. 

Once you have been placed under arrest, you will likely be read your rights, and even in the event you are not read your rights, always remember you still have them. Inform the arresting officer that you wish to remain silent and would like to speak to an attorney. At your first opportunity, contact a detroit criminal lawyer to help you. Under no circumstances should you answer questions or be speaking about anything after you are arrested. There is no advantage in doing so.

Buying a Used Bass

Used Bass Buyer's Guide: What to Look For

Whether you’re just learning to play the bass or you’re a long-time veteran player, buying a new instrument is always fun. Of course, it can’t all be fun and games when you’re spending your hard-earned money on something you want to enjoy and get the most out of.

Buying a used bass might seem easy, but the fact is that it can be tricky business. There are simply a lot of things you need to consider before you take the plunge and plunk down your cash or credit card.

Keep reading to learn more about what to look for when you’re in the market for a used bass guitar, whether you’re looking for a fretless bass or a standard one.

Who’s Selling It?

Before you buy an instrument, take the time to figure out who is selling it. This can be very difficult if you’re buying online or from a site like eBay, but knowing your seller can really make a big difference.

You don’t want to waste money buying for a seller that has a bad reputation. Even if the instrument seems perfect you should move on and find another option.

Things that seem too good to be true usually are.

Who Owned It?

If you’re buying from a store, try to spend some time figuring out who owned the instrument before you. You may not be able to get this information, but knowing whether it was used only in the studio or taken out on the road for months at a time does matter.

Any service records --- like set-ups at a shop – also help. This is especially important if you’re buying a very expensive used bass that ranges in the thousands of dollars. Care information is also essential for vintage and classic instruments.

Can You Tune It?

When you pick up a used bass, what’s the first thing you’re going to do? The answer should be to connect it to a digital tuner and see if it can get close to accurate.

A used bass might need a professional set-up, but it should be pretty close when you try to tune it. Make sure you go up and down the neck and check for accuracy. If the bass notes jump around all over the place and it won’t tune well, consider moving on to another instrument.

Optimize Your Health

What Is Health And How Can I Optimize Mine?

These days, the wellness movement is gaining momentum as more and more people seek strategies that can help them overcome disease, optimize energy, and stabilize moods. If you are attempting to accomplish any of these objectives, this article is for you. Read on to get a clear understanding of what health is and how you can obtain it: 

Defining Health

Although defined broadly, health is typically a term that references a soundness of body and mind in which an individual is free from ailments and disease. 

Health Strategies 

There are numerous health strategies that an individual can utilize to start looking and feeling better. Here are three of them: 

1. Do Not Shy Away From Disease.

In many cases, people avoid going to the hospital because they suspect they have a debilitating condition but fear the diagnosis. Don't adopt this modality. It's dangerous and can lead to the proliferation of multiple diseases within your body. Instead, be proactive and obtain a testing kit if you suspect that a debilitating condition is hampering your physiological function. You can obtain testing kits from companies like Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. You can obtain a wide range of kits from these companies, including:

Diabetes test kits
Hepatitis kits
Elisa kits
HIV test kits
Cancer kits

2. Develop A Synergistic Exercise Routine.

Although many people know that exercise plays a key role in facilitating health, many don't know how to work out. If this is your issue, it's important to know that the most effective way to exercise is by developing a synergistic routine. This routine will incorporate three exercise formats: 1. cardiovascular activity 2. stretching and 3. weight-lifting.  

3. Get Into Green Smoothies. 

In addition to developing a synergistic exercise routine, it's important for you to get into green smoothies. These delicious beverages are a great way for you to get in a wide range of fruits and vegetables like spinach, apples, bananas, kale, and cherries. Because the majority of Americans don't get the daily recommended allowance of fruits and vegetables, green smoothies are a great way for you to fill in the gap!


If you're ready to optimize your health so you can lead a rewarding life, now is the time to implement the strategies outlined above. By addressing disease, developing a synergistic exercise routine, and getting into green smoothies, you will likely find that you begin walking in a dimension of wellness you never dreamed possible.