Friday, January 29, 2016

Ride Like The Wind: Motorcycle Tips

Ride like the Wind – Tips for Riding in a Crosswind
I’ve been riding motorcycles for over 10 years now. I’ve read all kinds of tips for how to be a better and safer rider. Recently, I realized that in all these years there is one thing I’ve seen with my riding as a problem but never actually looked for a solution.
This past October, on a warm day in the northeast, I decided to take a beach ride on a scenic piece of road that skirts the Atlantic Ocean on one side and a bay on the other. To get there, you have to travel over a high bridge. I’ve never been a fan of riding bridges, but when you add a strong crosswind to the equation, it’s not my favorite way to spend a few minutes.
On the way home I hit the mother of all crosswinds at the peak of the bridge. I did my usual drill, grip the heck out of the grips (wrong), slow down my speed (wrong again!).
So this doesn’t freak me again in the future and to help you, I have done some research. Here are the results to safe riding in a crosswind.

Maintain a safe speed
While my inclination has been always to slow down, the opposite is actually true. It’s all about the engineering of your bike, and it’s called gyroscopic force. In calm winds, you can usually take your hands off the handlebars for a moment and maintain a straight line. The gyroscopic force of the wheels is what makes your bike want to stay on a straight line. In a crosswind, this force can be your friend. To bring the full benefit of the motorcycles gyroscopic force you should maintain a decent speed and not slow down too much. Hang in there at around 55mph on a highway and stability will remain high.
Don’t hang on for your dear life
I mentioned the old death grip. It might make you feel better, but it only hurts. If the crosswind is moving your upper body, a tight grip or stiff arming can effect in a negative way the movement you need for your proper steering.
Reduce your footprint
Finally, something I have done right! In the wind if you crouch down or use your windshield to reduce as much as your body profile as possible you will cut the bike's center of gravity, making you and the bike more aerodynamic.
Use your pegs
When you sit upright weighting the peg on the side that the bike is facing the wind will cause it turn toward that direction. This will counter the force of the wind that is trying to turn it the opposite direction.
Don’t forget to take your luggage and other necessary things along with you. 

Hope these tips have been helpful. I’m ready for a good crosswind!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Benefits of Home Health Care

Benefits Of Home Health Care

If you have a family member who has been injured or who has an illness that prevents independent care, then a home health agency might be a solution. When a home health agent comes to the home, it takes some of the strain off of the family, and you will know that there is a professional entering the home who can provide the proper care that is needed for your loved one.

One of the advantages of having a home health care agent come to the home is that there is someone there in the event of an emergency. It can help give patients and family a peace of mind knowing that they are in the home instead of being in a hospital or nursing care center. It's often an affordable option compared to using a nursing home or an assisted living facility. The family member can remain in an environment where the are comfortable and know of the surroundings instead of being in one room where they aren't sure of where anything is located. 

Home health agents provide personal care that the family might not be able to provide on a regular basis. This care includes bathing, feeding, dressing and making sure medications are given as they need to be for the health of the patient. Some home health care agents will help with any kind of house work that needs to be done in the home, such as cleaning or washing clothes. The person can receive help with meal preparation. If the person is able to get out of the home, then the worker can provide trips to the grocery store or to run other errands that need to be done. The agent can help with picking up prescriptions and other items that are needed if the person isn't able to get out of the home. 

An advantage of a home health care agency is that it promotes healing. If someone is in the home instead of being in a nursing home, then they will usually feel more relaxed. Therapy can be offered in the home as well after an injury or surgery. Most agencies have a site where you can click here for more information.