Friday, December 11, 2015

Contact Pages Matter More On Political Sites

Contact Pages Matter More On Political Sites

Operating a politically-themed site is a challenge. Because of the volatile nature of the subject matter, it's even more important to have a clear line of communication between authors and readers. Once someone reads a political theory or position, they usually have something to add to the discussion. It might be an opposing viewpoint or additional thoughts that expand on the original content. Site owners need to encourage this kind of discussion because it helps create a clearer picture of the specific issue. 

A site that proposes a theory about neoconservatives, for example, needs to have a welcoming and open-minded contact page that explains how to reach the author for further discussion. For example, if the author believes that conservatives discouraged discourse about Iraq war horrors, it should be willing to hear from the other side about the matter, too. By hearing what the opposition thinks, the author can then clarify and continue the discussion with further evidence to bolster his theory. This kind of discourse is great for everyone. As long as it's friendly and helps discussion evolve, it's the best way to reach agreement and decide what actions should be taken to improve everyone's life from this point forward.

A good contact page has a few very simple characteristics. It's straight-forward and friendly. It explains the purpose of the site in general and the owner or owners in particular. Then it goes on to explain how to contact the author or owner of the site in a way that invites people to do so. Most people who write online want to hear from their readers, even if those readers don't agree. Wording an invitation for viewpoints means ushering in comments from dissenters, too, who want to argue an opposite point. Invite them to do so but be respectful in their communication. Once they see that you're open, it's likely that they will also be open to listening to someone who disagrees with them.

Options for contact include inviting them to email, fill out a form, or in some cases even call. The more options for communication the better because not everyone wants to call but many people would email an opinion. Once they've got the method of communication, they can contact the author and help a site grow. A site with a good relationship with visitors usually grows and is useful.

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