Monday, November 2, 2015

Your Pets Will Love Evanger's Pet Food and Treats!!

I think my Sheltie, Glory, has become one of the biggest fans of my blogging in the past couple months. That's because she's enjoying all the new food, treats, and accessories I've been getting in for review lately! Recently I received a whole box of goodies from Evanger's, a dog and cat food company. This box included an assortment of Evanger's canned dinners for dogs, as well as some treats.

Now, when I say canned dinners for dogs, I mean exactly that. These aren't your run-of-the-mill, cheap-o cans of dog food that look about like bologna that's been shredded in a blender, then packed down in a greasy can. These are grain-free, hand-packed, premium meals for your pet! When you open a can, you can actually tell that the food inside is what it's labeled on the outside! Roasted chicken drummer dinner, braised beef chunks with gravy, hunk of beef, and catch of the day are just a few of Evanger's canned meals that Glory has been enjoying over the past few weeks. 

Glory also likes Evanger's line of dog treats. Their jerky treats are probably her favorite out of any treats I've ever given her - she loves them! I'll give her one, she swallows it down, and sits there with those puppy eyes asking for another one! (Yes, she's very hard to resist!) Anytime I open the package Glory comes running from whatever part of the house she's in at the time, and waits very impatiently for as many treats as she can convince us to giver her!

So this holiday season, don't forget to give your beloved pets a treat too-any dog or cat will love Evanger's lines of canned meals or treats!!