Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Loving Pets Double Dog Diner Review!

Loving Pets is a company many of you may be familiar with. I've had the opportunity to review a couple of their products in the past, and I was excited when given another chance to do so again. This time I actually received two great new products from Loving Pets; the Wicker Dolce Diner in black, and the Osso Dolce Diner in aqua! We also received several bags of their dog treats, but more on those later.

The Dolce Diner is a very nice looking double dish feeder that has a wicker textured base. The medium size has two 28 ounce dishes, so this is perfect for Glory, my Sheltie. My favorite part of this doggie diner is how easy it is to clean. Because the bowls are removable, and the base is made of a heavy duty plastic, cleanup is extremely easy. Wash the bowls in your sink, and just use a damp cloth to clean off the base if needed. It also features rubber feet, which means this doesn't slide around while Glory's trying to lick up the remains of her food!

The Osso Double Diner is also a base with two removable dishes, but this one is a fun dog bone shaped base. The small is a little too small for Glory's needs, but will be perfect for her litter of puppies (due any day now!) when they move up to eating moist puppy food. Again, this is easy to clean-you can actually remove the rubber feet and just throw it in your dishwasher if you want!

Of course Glory's favorite part of this review was the dog treats. We received Puffsters and Waggles, and she absolutely loves both of these! She is especially fond of the Waggles, which are natural chicken skins. She loves crunching down on these treats! The Puffsters are also a hit; these are air-popped snacks available in several flavors: apple and chicken, banana and chicken, cranberry and chicken, and sweet potato and chicken. Glory isn't picky; she likes all the 

If Glory could talk, I'm sure she'd offer a resounding yes if asked to review Loving Pets products again!

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