Friday, October 16, 2015

Dollywood-Our Family's Favorite Theme Park!!

Since visiting Pigeon Forge last year, it has quickly become our family's favorite vacation destination. We actually extended our visit a couple days this year, and ended up staying for 11 days! One of the highlights of this visit was going back to Dollywood, the amusement park that is now our entire family's favorite!

We decided I need this vehicle, because it matches my outfit so perfectly! :)

We arrived first thing in the morning to ensure we'd have plenty of time for all the rides. The girls' first request was to revisit the Smoky Mountain River Rampage, a white water rafting ride that is super fun, and more than a little likely to leave you dripping! We were actually able to ride three times in a row before deciding we were wet enough for the rest of the day, and headed off to the roller coasters.

I admit to not being able to make up my mind which coaster at Dollywood is my favorite. Wild Eagle is super fun, but right up there at the top are also the Tennessee Tornado and Thunderhead, the wood coaster. I love how quickly lines move at Dollywood (I know, probably not in the summer when they're packed!) because we were able to ride Thunderhead three times in a row, and Tennessee Tornado about 5 times. We were aiming to do the same with Wild Eagle, but unfortunately when we went back later in the afternoon they were closed for maintenance, so we only got one ride on this coaster. 

While at Dollywood we also had to stop by the Grist Mill for a loaf of cinnamon bread. This is something that has been mentioned multiple times by someone (I won't mention M's name!) since last year, and in fact was so popular with our family that I started making a similar recipe at home!

As we were slowly making our way towards the exit, M convinced us to go ride the Waltzing Swinger and the Scrambler. Yes, all three of us crammed into one seat for the Scrambler, and M was making people laugh with her crazy faces and screams!

Our very last stop was at the SGMA Hall of Fame and Museum, which is a great part of the park for those who love Gospel music. We really enjoyed wandering through here, and are thankful that Dollywood has this museum on it's premises!

Thrilled to see our very good friend Scott featured in the museum!

Needless to say, our family loved every minute we spent at Dollywood, and are looking forward to going back next year!

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