Monday, April 13, 2015

Outdoor Fun With Pacific Play Tent Set! #Giveaway

Who is enjoying this beautiful weather?! The past few weeks have been a mixture of rain, cold fronts, and 60-70 degree days, but it finally seems to be turning into a beautiful, warms spring; perfect for outdoor fun for youngsters and adults. I am loving being able to get back outside for running and biking, instead of being stuck indoors on a treadmill-just not the same thing at all, but unfortunately necessary over the winter. And of course the children are enjoying being able to get outside again for sports, play time, and just sitting in the backyard. 

I was recently able to give them a new addition for outdoor play; a set from Pacific Play Tents that includes a tent, sleeping bag, and chair; all in a very fun, girly pink/purple camo color! Obviously these are not full-size pieces; they're designed for children 36 months to about 7 or 8 years old. That doesn't stop it from being fun for play though! It would also be great for a sleepover, but we haven't done that yet; the ground is still too wet outside! At the end of this month we have some dear friends coming in from out of state, including a little girl that, to be honest, our entire family-even the adults-loves having around. She will be thrilled to have a chance to play with the new camping set in our backyard with our girls!

The tent was very easy to set up; literally in one minute we had it done. If only our camping trips had always been that easy! It's a nice size for a youngster, I'd guess up to about a normal-size 5 or 6 year old could sleep comfortably inside; if they're on the small side, maybe up to 8 years. 

The sleeping bag is definitely large enough for an 8 year old; in fact, once they outgrow the tent, they could easily use this sleeping bag up to probably 10 years old, on family camping trips, etc. Nice and cozy, but not too heavy for summer camp-outs.

The chair is adorable; perfect for your little girl, and even has a cup holder "just like Mommy's"! While we were getting the tent set up out back, Pansy (one of our Shelties) decided to check it out for herself. Doesn't she look like she owns it?!

Pacific Play has so many more great items just perfect for outdoor fun this spring and summer. You can even get the camping set like I reviewed in a different color for your little boy! And one of my readers will receive a $50.00 gift card to Pacific Play Tents so you can pick out an item of your choice!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

CanvasPop Canvas Print Review and #Giveaway!!

Photos are a wonderful way to keep great memories alive. Sometimes I'll sit down and look through old pictures on my computer, from the past 10-12 years, and enjoy remembering some of the great times our family has had. I like to have another way to enjoy those really special memories though; a framed print, or a canvas print are my two favorites-and if I had to choose one of those, it would be a canvas print. Canvas just seems to bring the picture to life, and it's so much nicer than a regular print. 

CanvasPop contacted me recently about reviewing one of their canvas prints, and I was excited to have this opportunity. I emailed them a picture from one of our family photo shoots, of my younger sisters and myself. This was such a great picture that all 3 of us loved when we saw it, so of course we were thrilled to be able to have it put on a canvas. It literally took 6 days from the time I sent CanvasPop my picture, to the day it arrived at our house. Now that's fast service!!

I was notified that the picture had needed cropped a little to fit the 16x20 canvas, but they assured me it did not detract from the picture at all, all the important aspects were still in the picture, etc. Sure enough, when I opened the package, I discovered that it looked amazing! The colors are so vibrant that you feel as if you're standing out on the bridge in the crisp fall breeze. Honestly, the clarity and brightness of the canvas is incredible. My camera actually dulls the brilliance, so unfortunately you can't see for yourself-unless you order your own CanvasPop canvas print of course, which you can do with a 35% discount using this code at checkout: HOPESCAFE35!! (Minus the exclamation points :)

Comes with everything you need to hang!
After my experience, I would highly recommend CanvasPop for anyone who has a special memory (or memories; they also do collage canvas prints) they want to hang on their wall!

CanvasPop is giving one of my readers a custom 16x20 Canvas Print!!!