Sunday, November 16, 2014

Saving Money For The Holidays With CampusBookRentals!

This time of year, saving money is always a very important topic on people's minds. Shopping for holiday gifts means trying to save money in other areas. Including, as it may be, in the area of college textbooks.

My youngest brother just started attending a local college this past semester. He's going in for criminal justice, and wants to get a career in law enforcement. One of the biggest shocks for him was the cost of his books. He was shocked that little-almost pamphlet style-books could be so expensive, not to mention the large textbooks!

That's when my chance came to "save the day", and tell him about! CampusBookRentals allows students to save money by renting the necessary textbooks, and save a whole lot of money in doing so. Average savings on renting vs. buying a book from a bookstore is 40-90%! Plus, you don't end up with a shelf full of textbooks that you have to try and find a new home for. Just a few pf the perks of renting from CampusBookRentals besides the big savings? You get free shipping both ways, you can highlight in the books, rental periods are flexible based on your needs, and with each book rented, a donation is made to Operation Smile. (For more information about Operation Smile, please visit their website.)

Now, CampusBookRentals has come up with yet another way for students to save on their costs. Actually, it's more like a way to make some extra money! Introducing RentBack, a site where you can rent out the textbooks you're finished with to other students! You don't have to pay shipping (RentBack covers the shipping costs) and they even take care of sending the books out. So it's no hassle for you, but you're making some extra money to use for other college needs, or maybe some holiday gifts!!

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