Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New Epi Slim Grooming Tool For The Holidays!!

I'm sure most women are familiar with-or have at least heard of-Emjoi, the creator of many great epilators as well as the Micro-Pedi. This holiday season they've released a handy new tool, the Epi Slim+ e18

I received an Epi Slim+ for review, and the first thing I noticed is the size. Very compact and lightweight, so you can slip it in your purse, keep one in the car, or  pack in your carry-on luggage. It's battery powered, so there's no need to find an outlet somewhere; you can pull out your Epi Slim any time, anywhere! I love that the Epi Slim+ removes hair as short as 0.3mm. You don't have to wait and let your unwanted hair grow to half an inch, like many epilators I've seen advertised; 0.3mm is super short! This gives you soft, smooth skin for up to 6 weeks, which I also really like. I hate that shaving your legs is a chore that needs done weekly to keep them smooth-with the Epi Slim, it lasts much longer!

With a retail price of only $34.95 this holiday season, the Epi Slim+ e18 is a great gift idea for any woman. In fact, in the midst of all your holiday shopping and preparation, why not just treat yourself?!

"The compact Epi Slim+ features 18 of the same patented 3-disc tweezers that have long made Emjoi products the go-to choice for removing unwanted hair (as short as 0.3mm) from the root from any part of the body (including the most sensitive areas—face, bikini line, underarms, etc.) quickly, with minimum discomfort and for up to six weeks at a time. With eRase glide technology, its disc opening at an optimal 14mm and operating at 540 strokes per second, these tweezers remove the majority of hair at the first pass to keep the possibility of skin irritation to an absolute minimum. Meanwhile skin glide technology lifts up and removes hair by gliding the tweezers over the skin with less irritation."

Check out the Epi Slim+ and all of Emjoi's other great grooming products online!

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