Monday, October 6, 2014

ArmPocket For Running! 5K Results!

If you've been watching my blog over the past month or so, you're aware that my sister and I were training to participate in a 5K run-our first ever. We learned about the 5K online through the National Quartet Convention (the event we attended in Pigeon Forge last month), as it was being run in conjunction with the NQC. Being a very spur-of-the-moment kind of person, I said, "Hey, it can't be too hard. Let's sign up!" We did, and over the next few weeks I bounced from super excited about it, to wishing I had never heard of the SGMA 5K Run! Okay, so it wasn't that bad-but training was harder than I thought it would be. :) Below are some pictures the morning of the run, getting ready in the hotel room and actually running. I decided it would be easier to get some in the hotel than trying to catch the ArmPocket in a picture during the actual run!

I have to say, one thing that makes running much more enjoyable, is having music to listen to. I have tried so many different methods of carrying my iPod; a belt, a waist pack with speakers, an various armbands. The best solution I have found however, is the ArmPocket. It's got memory foam cushioning so there's no rubbing even when you're running. The strap is vented for comfort. It doesn't slip, and it's water and sweat resistant-very important when you're using it for a workout. This is the perfect way to bring my favorite songs along on a run!
M on the left did a 1-mile walk,  M on the right did the 5K with me.
About a half mile into the run.
I honestly think the ArmPocket is great for more than just walking/running though. It's a fantastic way to carry the essentials wherever you go, without needing to keep track of your purse. (How many of you ladies have ever left your purse at a restaurant or in a shopping cart?) Obviously it's not going to blend in with an evening gown, but for running errands around town, or even for road trips, when I'm in casual clothing, it's great! I can keep my iPod or phone handy, as well as credit cards, cash, license...pretty much all the necessities. This is the handiest pocket you'll ever have!

Oh yes, in case you're wondering about the results of our first ever 5K experience-M and I each placed third in our age division! I'm very satisfied with that, and we've actually decided to keep running, so next time there's a 5K we want to participate in training won't be so difficult! :)

If you're already a runner, want to start running, or you're just looking for an easy way to carry your phone and necessities with you, be sure to check out ArmPocket. They have a "pocket" for just about any phone/device size!

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