Tuesday, September 9, 2014

TrailHoppers-The Only Baby Performance Blanket!! #Giveaway

Yes, it may sound like a unique product, but it is so perfect! In short, a TrailHopper is/does the following:
"In our world of multitasking, everyone could use a hand. TrailHoppers are a simple solution to keep them toasty down to their little toes. This will allow you to easily walk your dog, carry your diaper bag, or push their sibling on a swing."

I received the Frost Blue TrailHopper for review. First impression, I was amazed-at how simple yet ingenious this is! How has no one invented one of these until now?! It's basically a fleece (manufactured in the USA) blanket armholes and legs. It's a little generous in the sizing, so they can wear it over a onesie or regular outfit. The TrailHopper features reversible toe-flaps, so if it's warm enough, or your little one has shoes on, you can let their feet "go free". But, if it's too cold, simply fold the flaps over their feet. 

TrailHoppers also have a zippered front for easy on/off, and I like the flap that folds over the zipper at the neckline. No worries about your little one catching or scratching themselves on the zipper, and when they're a little older and curious, it's harder for them to unzip the TrailHopper themselves. :)

Each TrailHopper also comes with a little sack that you can stuff the TrailHopper in when not in use, or use it as a snack bag while you're on-the-go. 

The TrailHopper is honestly a must-have for any baby/toddler! It is perfect for so many occasions: hiking, biking, or any other outdoor activity. It's also great to keep baby warm during the cooler months, even when you're just running errands and going in and out of the cold. TrailHoppers are available for up to 2T, so your child can enjoy the warmth of their "performance blanket" while they're outside playing. There's no other way I've ever seen that allows you to keep a baby snugly wrapped in a blanket, yet be able to do so much!

One of our readers will receive a TrailHopper in their choice of color and size!!
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