Monday, September 15, 2014

More 5K Prep #SGMA5K

Today marks the last full week of training before the SGMA 5K. Next week we will be traveling, and obviously we'll still get some extra preparation runs in, but not as long and hard as I've been training the past few weeks! I am very thankful for the cooler weather we finally have, as it makes training outside so much nicer! Now I just come back from running very sweaty, instead of literally dripping sweat wherever I step-yes, it really was that bad for a couple weeks!

First of all, a "new" item I'm using in training this week is my new Tervis Tumbler Water Bottle. I have been a fan of Tervis ever since my first experience with their cups about 7 years ago, and when I discovered they had water bottles, I knew it would be a good one! Of course, I also love the fun designs they offer; for example, mine has goldfish swimming around the bottle. Very bright and fun! (I will be posting a full review and giveaway with a Tervis Water Bottle later this week, so be watching). Anyways, the Tervis bottle is sturdy, holds 24 ounces of water, and has a handy flip-top for easy drinking.

I also added a new piece of clothing to my running outfit-compression socks. I use a compression sleeve for my ankle, but during the first week of training for the 5K, my shins were super-sore. I found a pair of compression socks the next week, and have been using them ever since-with great results! If you ever wonder, "Do those things really work?" Yes, they do!

Of course one necessity for my workouts is some music, which I love being able to bring along thanks to the ArmPocket. I failed to mention last week that the i-15 has audio jack ports strategically placed so that no matter what device you're carrying, you'll be able to plug in a pair of headphones. I also love the little attachment on the side that allows you to stash your earbuds when you're not listening to music, or even take up the slack in your cord while running. It's perfect!


  1. Congratulations on your progress; I hope you have a great time doing the 5k. Good to hear you have the right accessories to run with.

  2. The Tervis Tumbler Water Bottles are terrific. I do like their designs also. The ArmPocket seems super to use also.
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