Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Our First Visit To Corner Bakery Cafe!

On our recent trip to the Chicagoland area to visit Medieval Times, we were also able to check out a (new to us) restaurant for lunch. I have of course seen Corner Bakery Cafe restaurants before (if you've ever been to Chicago, you know they're all over!) but had never dined at one before. So, I was excited when they set up for 4 of us to come in and eat at the La Grange location.

Upon arrival we took a few minutes to study the menu. As I said, this was our first time at a CBC, so we wanted to look at all our choices. Once we had decided, we ordered and were given a number to put on our table for the server to bring our food.

It didn't take long before our food arrived, and we wasted no time in getting started! We each tried a different thing; the Spicy Asian Pork  Sandwich, Santa Fe Ranch Salad, Chicken Pomodori, and the BBLT-which is just like it sounds, a BLT with extra bacon!

Everybody of course wanted to have a taste of everyone else's meal, so we did a little food-swapping. I tried all 4, and although they were all delicious-I would order any one of them next time I'm at a CBC-the Chicken Pomodori is hands-down my favorite! Roasted chicken, fresh basil and spinach, oven-roasted tomatoes and provolone cheese on sourdough, topped with a pesto mayo, and grilled to panini perfection. Yeah, we're talking the BEST panini I have ever tasted! This was actually the family's ultimate favorite; each one said that was the best of all the items we ordered!

Hibiscus Lemonade-delicious!

Not to be left out, the BBLT was also raved over (actually all 4 of the meals were). I think the crowning touch to this is not even the thick slices of smoked bacon, but the cracked pepper balsamic mayo. This mayo changes it up from "just" an extra-thick BLT to an amazing specialty sandwich.  

I'm not much for spicy foods myself, but I did actually try the Spicy Asian Pork sandwich, and found to be not so spicy that I wouldn't eat it-it was delicious! The pulled pork is topped with an asian bbq sauce, sweet slaw, thin slices of cucumber, and pickled jalapeno slices. This is served with a side of the asian bbq sauce for dipping, which we found to be the perfect way to eat the sandwich. 

Ever the "healthy eater", C opted for the Santa Fe salad for lunch. This salad features both iceberg and romaine lettuce, chicken, corn, tomato salsa, cheddar cheese, and tortilla strips, topped with ranch dressing. C enjoyed this salad very much, and with the taste I had, I was impressed with the freshness of the ingredients.

As you can probably tell, we all enjoyed our first visit to Corner Bakery Cafe. I was able to learn a little history of CBC, and discovered that they were actually started in Chicago, and it all began as a little corner bakery, that made artisan breads and sweets. From that simple beginning, the popularity grew, and customers made requests, and boom! You have what is now Corner Bakery Cafe! I will be keeping an eye out on our future road trips now, because when I see a Corner Bakery Cafe I will definitely be stopping for lunch (or dinner)!!

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