Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Saltwater Canvas Bags For Summer Fun! #CelebratingSummer #Giveaway

It's amazing how the weather changes. Last week we had gorgeous (very abnormal) weather in the low 70's, that I loved. Since about Sunday though, we've had highs in the upper 90's, and a lot of rain. Roads are flooded, detours are set up-not good when our only grocery store is across a bridge. :) Anyways, we're still enjoying the summer weather, and getting some fun family time together. If you have any trips-be it a day trip, a weekend road trip, or an extended vacation-planned this summer, At The Fence is sharing a review of some great bags to help you carry all your stuff!

Hi Neighbors!

What a great weekend we had!  We grilled out Friday, Saturday was just a laze around home day and Sunday after church we went down to a lake and my husband and children went canoeing while I took pictures!  Well, I want to take some time and share another super summer product with you.  It is perfect for toting around your picnic or beach supplies.  It is the Whale Bag from Saltwater Canvas.

We have used it recently on a trip to Chicago.  My daughters packed their hotel fun supplies int it.  Books, coloring books, crayons, nail polish, and many other things.  I could not believe how much they managed to put in the Whale Bag.  We were only going away for 3 days, but I think they packed enough for a week or two!

Saltwater Canvas carries a variety of useful bags and totes.  They have many sizes available.  The bags are made of a heavy non-fade furniture mesh.  It is really sturdy.  The nice thing is, you can take it anywhere and then hose it down, or wash it.  Beach sand all over the bag?  Hose it off.  Dirty sports shoes, towels etc.?  Hose it off or wash it.  Need a shower bag that can go with you to the gym?  Saltwater Canvas has what you need. 

The Whale Bag has 9 big pockets for carrying your needs.  There is also a special zippered pocket inside for keys, cell phone or wallet.  A snap hook is included for glasses or keys.  The bag is 15" tall with a 15" x 12" oval base.  You have 10 colors to choose from.  Remember the bag is machine washable, but hang it out to dry. 

These bags can be used for a variety of purposes.  I have already come up with reasons to purchase another couple.  I could really use a slightly smaller bag than the Whale Bag for our dog items when they travel with us.  Maybe the Dolphin Bag would work for that.  Of course a couple of the shower bags would be great for when we go camping.  A minnow would work for taking a few supplies with us in the canoe. 

Saltwater Canvas bags would make a great gift idea for anyone with young children.  Or maybe your spouse when they go to the gym to workout.  I am thinking they would also work well for high school and college students.  What would you use a Saltwater Canvas Bag for?  One of you will be able to find out, because Saltwater Canvas has agreed to give the winner of this giveaway a Whale Bag.  How is that for great news?

Be sure to enter and then share this giveaway!  Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you are having a super day today! 

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  1. Dolphin! White Blue and Apple

  2. I really like both the yellow and the purple whale bags!!

  3. I like orange!

  4. bright blue / green handle shower

  5. I really like the White and Pink bag.

  6. Blue and white to match our boat

  7. i love the purple like the one you reviewed!!

  8. I would love to have the Whale Mesh Beach Bag * White * Brt Blue Pockets* Apple Green Straps one!
    Thank You for the chance

    Fiona N

  9. I'm partial to the purple. It's cute!


  10. I like the Whale Mesh Beach Bag in Yellow or the Bright Blue Bright Green.

    These bags would perfect for the beach.

  11. I would choose the all black one

  12. I like the bright blue and bright green one. those are my two favorite colors.