Thursday, July 3, 2014

Make It A Nancy Drew Night With Her Interactive! #Giveaway #NancyDrew

Every so often, we have a "girls night" that includes myself and my 3 sisters. Whether it's a mani/pedi night, trying new hairstyles, or enjoying a fun movie, it's something we try to do once a month. Last month we had an actual theme for our party-Nancy Drew! I had just received the new game from Her Interactive for a review, so we decided to make that the theme. 

We made sure to have plenty of snacks on hand, and to keep with the idea of Nancy Drew, decided to watch one of the tv show episodes, and put together our Nancy Drew puzzle. Oh yes, and M, the youngest, added a few decorative Nancy Drew pieces around the room!

The Shattered Medallion is the newest game in the Nancy Drew series-it's actually game number 30! I find it hard to grasp the fact that I've now played 30 of these games, many of them multiple times! Anyways, we once again hooked my Mac up to the tv, so we had a larger screen for all 4 of us to watch the gameplay on. The plot of the game is that you (as Nancy) and George are competitors on a reality tv show, but while there, strange and dangerous incidents occur. You also finally get to meet Sonny Joon, a fun character that has shown up in several games previously. While competing you will participate in activities such as sheep shearing, diving in a mini submarine, and explore different aspects of New Zealand. 

Overall, we really enjoyed the game. We weren't able to finish it in one night, but with two more sessions, we had solved the mystery and won the competition! Although we enjoyed it, and we will certainly be playing it again in the future, I have to say this is not my favorite Nancy Drew game. It's different than the previous 29 games, probably mainly due to the storyline of being on a reality tv show. It's not that it's "bad", it's just different. More puzzles and activities that need completed for the show, and less danger/scary/creepy mystery parts. Yes, there's still a mystery aspect to it (namely, who is Sonny Joon and why did he hijack the show), but it's not necessarily the main theme of the game. It was also a bit shorter than the other games; usually it takes us more time to complete a game. So, is The Shattered Medallion fun? Yes! A good idea for a girls night party? Absolutely!! We had a blast playing together. I have to say, Sonny Joon was a lot of fun all by himself; the attitude and sarcasm made him a great character-hopefully Her Interactive will bring him back for more games!

2 of my readers will receive The Shattered Medallion for Windows!!
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  1. treasure in the royal tower.

  2. i own all but last 3 love Nancy drew