Friday, July 18, 2014

Get Ready For #BackToSchool With LockerLookz! #Giveaway

Can you believe people are already discussing the subject of back to school, and summer winding down? Blame it on the fact we had an extended winter and absolutely no spring (I was wearing a jacket into early May, and then boom! We had summer.), but I feel like we just started summer fun, and now we're preparing for it to be over! It's not all bad though; fall is my favorite time of year, and we have some great family plans for September-so from that aspect, I am looking forward to it. As you get ready for the kids heading back to school, I would suggest checking out LockerLookz

LockerLookz is a company that offers girls the chance to brighten up their school days, and make their locker their own little piece of home. Now as a homeschooling family, the children don't have lockers, but the girls still had fun decorating with LockerLookz. They had a variety of products to work with; wallpaper, rug, picture frame, plastic bins, and a white board. These are all available in different designs and colors, but knowing M's preference for pink and purple, I chose everything in those colors. 

The wallpaper is probably my favorite piece, because I love the ingenuity that doesn't require sticking the paper onto locker (or wherever) walls. Simply use the magnets included with the wallpaper to hang on the wall. When your daughter is ready for a new color or design, or changes lockers, there's no messy residue to clean up-simply remove the magnets, and the paper comes off! The storage bins, photo frames and white boards are also all held in place by magnets. M and M both enjoyed decorating their bedroom with LockerLookz!

The pre-LockerLookz shelf

Yeah, M is a big fan of Sound of Music!

LockerLookz rug adds a nice touch to the shelf 

Storage bin is perfect for holding pens, pencils...

As you can see by the pictures, the girls had so much fun decorating their display shelf with the LockerLookz products. I love that I don't have to worry about glue or sticky substances getting on the shelf (or anything else), and that it can be changed out and used over and over again for any decorative touches the girls want to add to their room!

One of our readers will receive a LockerLookz Wallpaper and Rug, and 3 Accessories of their choice!!
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  1. I think I like the Locker Looks Dry Erase Boards - we could use them for school and then stick them to the fridge/freezer when done (or use them for something else, too!)


  3. We would both like the Purple Damask Print Glitter Locker Bin.

  4. Kat would love the Leopard Print Dry Erase Board!!

  5. My daughter would love the Pink Gem Locker Lamp

  6. really want a locker picture frame for my locker in the teachers lounge

  7. My daughter would love the Gem Locker Magnets! Fun!

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