Saturday, June 21, 2014

Against The Grain Pet Food Review

Although our family is primarily a dog-loving family, we also have one cat in the group. It's actually M's cat; she has always been a cat lover. She was excited when she heard I was receiving a package of Against The Grain Cat Food.

The variety pack came with an assortment of flavors; Chicken Mayflower, Tuna Mango with Duck, Tuna Toscana and Salmon, and Tuna Aubergine with Seabass. Each of these is served in a 3.5 oz tub, just the right amount for Duma, our kitty. Obviously this would probably need adjusted if your cat is very young or small, or larger than average, but we found the tub to be a good serving size for our average-sized cat. 

Duma's not the picky type when it comes to her food, but she literally devoured this New Generation Super Food! There were definitely no leftovers for an afternoon snack. :)

You can't see her, but Duma is warning our Sheltie away from her food!
If you're wondering what makes Against The Grain food so special (and good for your pet!), here's some information from their website:

Our mission is to improve the health and quality of life of our companion pets through the development of the safest, most nutritious, and palatable pet products available. We believe that our high quality products should not only sustain our companion pets, but our emphasis on palatability also increases their enjoyment of life—like you and I.

Against the Grain uses all fresh ingredients, and has designed all foods to be grain-free and gluten-free. We NEVER use corn, wheat, or soy. We have taken steps to use sustainable and green resources; our fresh-caught fish-based cat canned foods are dolphin-safe and turtle-safe. Our meat products are all GMO and anti-biotic free. Finally, we use the maximum amount of recyclable materials in our retail packaging, and use strictly skylights in our manufacturing plant.


  1. I like the mission statement of this company. The sustainable and green resources are a wonderful testament to this company. I also like that their food contains no GMO's.

  2. thank you for this review. I am trying to get our cat to eat grain free food, but she prefers the "bad" kind more; definitely will look for this brand!