Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dogs Dine In Style With Loving Pets!! #Giveaway

How would you like to let your furry friend dine in style? Forget those old plastic double dishes or a plain old stainless steel bowl for your dog's meals. Instead, check out the new Milano Collection Designer Dog Bowls from Loving Pets! Well you're fancying up your pet's "table", you can add in a Bella Mat, that prevents spills on your floor.

I received the Breeds Of The World bowl, Diva Zebra bowl, small Bella Mat, and a package of the Natural Value Chicken Tenders for review from Loving Pets. The bowls are both from the Milano Designer Collection, and are available in small, medium and large sizes. They're rather unique, in that the outer shell is made of plastic, and features a colorful design. This base also has a rubber lining on the bottom, to help prevent slips and spills. The actual bowl is made of stainless steel, and is removable for cleaning, filling, etc. The bowls are so easy to clean, and add a nice touch of color and style to Glory's meals-not that she really cares as long as there's food, but hey! It looks nice!

The Bella Mat is a really handy piece that has saved my carpet from multiple spills in just weeks of use. This is available in small and large sizes, and is a simple plastic mat shaped like a dog bone. It has raised edges so if/when the dog water spills, it doesn't flow out onto the floor, but is contained in the mat for easy clean-up. It's also easy to clean the mat itself after spills of any kind; simply rinse it off.

I have to be honest; Glory wasn't as thrilled with her fancy new dishes and mat as I was. She much preferred the Natural Value Chicken Tenders treats! These were definitely a hit with her; anytime she heard the bag open, she came running for her treat! Yeah, they didn't last long. :)

Loving Pets has graciously offered a set of products just like I received as a giveaway! One of my readers will receive a Small Bella Mat, Natural Value Chicken Tenders, Diva Zebra Bowl (small) and Breeds of The World Bowl (small)!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Join the Reebok Affiliate Program Today!!

Hey, do any of my readers have their own blog? Here's an opportunity you might be interested in. I just recently started doing the whole affiliate thing, and one of the best programs I heard about is Reebok. The blogger I signed up under told me she earned a good amount in her first month, so I of course signed up. :) Now, if any of you would like to Join Reebok's Affiliate Program, please use this link-I'll get a small bonus for those who sign up under me. Get started earning money today!

Fun For Boys (And Girls) With Motorworks! #Giveaway

Yes, I had to add the girls in, because  Motorworks are so fun that it's not just the boys who will enjoy playing with these cars! You may remember last year when I reviewed some of these neat wooden cars. They're so sturdy, simple, and yet fun for boys and girls to play with. So when I learned about Motorworks new additions for 2014, I was excited to share them with you all!

I received the Slingshot Speed Launcher and NextGen Stock 3.0 car for review. The stock car features the same sturdy, well-built design that all the Motorworks cars have. And yes, it's customizable, just like all the others. It comes with 8 decals, and you can also change out the cab, chassis, and various other parts, and swap them out with any of your other Motorworks vehicles. 

The real fun came when we opened the Slingshot Speed Launcher. This is simple, yet so much fun for kids! The wooden launcher has a plastic launching mechanism that is powered by a rubber band (3 extra sturdy rubber bands included). To send your Motorworks vehicle flying across the ground, simply pull back and release the button! I tried to capture this on video, but it's over so's a (really short) video so you can get an idea, though.

As you can see, Motorworks has created some really great toys that youngsters will love. I like how basic they are; just wooden cars with interchangeable pieces, but boys especially love them! A great option for getting your children off the electronic devices, and just enjoying some playtime without technology.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Against The Grain Pet Food Review

Although our family is primarily a dog-loving family, we also have one cat in the group. It's actually M's cat; she has always been a cat lover. She was excited when she heard I was receiving a package of Against The Grain Cat Food.

The variety pack came with an assortment of flavors; Chicken Mayflower, Tuna Mango with Duck, Tuna Toscana and Salmon, and Tuna Aubergine with Seabass. Each of these is served in a 3.5 oz tub, just the right amount for Duma, our kitty. Obviously this would probably need adjusted if your cat is very young or small, or larger than average, but we found the tub to be a good serving size for our average-sized cat. 

Duma's not the picky type when it comes to her food, but she literally devoured this New Generation Super Food! There were definitely no leftovers for an afternoon snack. :)

You can't see her, but Duma is warning our Sheltie away from her food!
If you're wondering what makes Against The Grain food so special (and good for your pet!), here's some information from their website:

Our mission is to improve the health and quality of life of our companion pets through the development of the safest, most nutritious, and palatable pet products available. We believe that our high quality products should not only sustain our companion pets, but our emphasis on palatability also increases their enjoyment of life—like you and I.

Against the Grain uses all fresh ingredients, and has designed all foods to be grain-free and gluten-free. We NEVER use corn, wheat, or soy. We have taken steps to use sustainable and green resources; our fresh-caught fish-based cat canned foods are dolphin-safe and turtle-safe. Our meat products are all GMO and anti-biotic free. Finally, we use the maximum amount of recyclable materials in our retail packaging, and use strictly skylights in our manufacturing plant.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Celebrate Summer With #IcedCoffee #Giveaway!!

I am a huge coffee drinker, but I actually don't care for hot coffee most of the time. Even during the coldest days of winter, I prefer an iced coffee over hot coffee! So, since it's finally the season to enjoy iced drinks, and I found a new coffee that tastes great iced, I decided to host my own giveaway, so one of my readers can enjoy iced coffee this summer! If you're stuck on the idea of hot coffee, you can also enjoy this coffee, but trust me when I say it tastes wonderful ice cold! 

Dunkin Donuts has some incredible coffee flavors available at their locations, but they also have great flavors available for purchase at your local grocery store. I recently saw a sale for the Jelly Donut Ground Coffee, and decided to try it out. I wasn't real confident that I'd like it, but was on sale! Surprisingly, jelly donut coffee is actually delicious. There's a definite strong fruit flavor, not so much the actual donut. But, I love drinking this iced; it's almost like a blueberry or mixed berry coffee flavor. While the coffee was still on sale I thought of sharing with you all, my readers, thus the giveaway.

Now, we're going to make this very easy. To enter, simply leave a comment on one of our eBay Guides (links in the Rafflecopter). There will be a total of 4 "Comment on an eBay Guide" entries, and they may each be completed once daily. That's a lot of possible entries! You may also earn extra entries by sharing the guides on social media (Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter), but PLEASE use the hashtag #eBayGuides, or the entry will not count. This may also be done once daily, so you can earn a large number of entries here!

One of my readers will receive a bag of Dunkin' Donuts Jelly Donut Ground Coffee!!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Decorate Your Home This Summer!! #Giveaway

At The Fence had the opportunity to review an inspirational wall deal as part of our Celebrating Summer event. I know spring is the season for cleaning, but summer is actually the time of year I spend the most time redecorating, moving furniture and such. Perfect timing!! Here's what At The Fence had to say...

Hi neighbors!

I don't know about you, but when the weather turns nice I start changing things in the home, re-decorating and generally cleaning up.  So, when a good friend of ours offered the opportunity to review one of their wall art, vinyl verses, I thought it would be a great idea.  Inspirational Wall Signs creates quality verses of vinyl to display on your own wall or to give as a gift.

I was able to choose any one of the verses they have.  They have many verses to choose from and will even custom design if you are interested.  They will only create KJV verse wall art.  He has also recently did a design for a vehicle for a wedding. 

I love having Bible verses on the walls.  He has some different verses designed for different rooms of the home.  They can be done in black or white.  There are several styles of writing to choose from.  Vinyl wall decals are perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and just about anywhere in the home that you would like to display a verse. 

The decal is applied to a clean, dry surface on your wall.  It is simple to apply.  After properly aligning your decal, you peel off the back and place it on your wall.  Rub the back firmly with the squeegee.  Slowly peel off the transfer paper.  If the decal appears to be sticking to the transfer paper, lay it flat and re-use your squeegee 

I highly recommend Inspirational Wall Signs as the place to purchase your wall decals.  Most decals are priced at $15.  The sizes are listed in each description and if needed you can contact them for a different size.  They are very easy to work with.

The winner of this giveaway will receive their choice of wall decal from Inspirational Wall Signs  Please share this giveaway with others!  Thanks for stopping by!  See you soon.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Chick-Fil-A #GiftCard #Giveaway!! #CelebratingSummer

Hey all, At The Fence has a great giveaway to share to help celebrate summer! How many of you love Chick-Fil-A? Our family does; chicken sandwiches, milkshakes, sweet tea, waffle's my favorite fast food restaurant! Here's what At The Fence is sharing...

Hey neighbors!

How about a giveaway for a $5 Chick-fil-a GC?  Chick-fil-a is one of our very favorite restaurants.  Their chicken sandwiches are some of the best.  My family has a variety of opinions on the best food item from Chick-fil-a.  My husband loves the Spicy Chicken Sandwiches.  Two or three of the children prefer the original Chick-fil-a sandwich.  One daughter orders their nuggets almost every visit.  The older girls get their Grilled Chicken sandwich.  I generally get the grilled nuggets.

Of course their Waffle Fries are another highlight.  I have a couple who like to dip them in the ice cream.  For a side I generally get their cole slaw.

Now, here is the great debate in the family, which sauce to use.  BBQ, Ranch, Chick-fil-a sauce, or just mayonaise?  Which do you use?  That will be the main entry for this giveaway!  Have at it and have fun!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fun With Groovy Girls Dolls! #Giveaway

Girls and dolls go together like milk and cookies, summer and sunscreen, and Christmas and evergreen. Buy a little girl a doll, and she'll be happy playing for hours, dreaming up her own stories, and/or playing out familiar book or movie plots. I recently had the opportunity to check out a line of dolls called Groovy Girls. I have heard of Groovy Girls dolls before, but didn't realize that they had been around since 1998-they're turning Sweet 16 this year!!

I received the Groovy Girls Bayani doll, and the Totally Tentastic tent. First, the doll. Bayani is a soft doll about 13 inches tall. With a big happy smile, cheerful twin ponytails and a cute blouse and skirt outfit, Bayani is sure to be a hit with any little girl. Her dark hair is brightened up with pale purple highlights, and the hot pink shoes add another dash of color to her outfit. Honestly, this is a doll that little girls will love. The soft body makes it the perfect choice for youngsters who like to snuggle up with their doll.

I have to admit, Bayani is a great doll, but personally I think the Totally Tentastic tent is even better! I would have loved a doll tent when I was a little girl! There's no assembly or set-up required, just pull it out of the box and it pops out into shape. It features a zippered mesh door and a window on both sides, just like a real tent. The window covers can be rolled up to let the sun in, or closed over to keep the rain out. Adding a Totally Tentastic tent to your little girl's collection is sure to boost the level of fun while playing!

I just love how adorable Bayani looks relaxing in her tent! The pigtails and smile look so perfect for a girl (or rather doll) enjoying some time camping.

One of my readers will receive their choice of: 1) Bayani and a Totally Tentastic or 2) Princess Dahlia and a Royally Ritzy Bed (see a review of this second set At The Fence)!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Celebrating Summer with Bolder Bands!! #Giveaway

Welcome to Celebrating Summer, a multi-blog event that will feature some of the best products to help your family enjoy the summer! To kick it off, I'd like to introduce you to Bolder Band, a company that offers the ultimate in no-slip sport headbands! I love their motto-"Headbands that stay put, so you don't have to". How many times have you gotten into your workout, only to have to stop and brush the hair out of your eyes? Yeah, happens to me a lot, no matter what I try to keep it back. 

I do a lot of physical activity; TaeKwonDo, running, volleyball and basketball, exercise dvds 3-5 days a get the idea. I'm always experimenting with a new way to keep the hair out of my face, and I've tried everything-headbands, hair clips, braids, anything you can think of. So when I discovered Bolder Band, I was thrilled at the possibility of being able to workout without having to brush the hair back every 2 minutes. I received the GI Jill headband, which is a blue camo. Of course I tried the headband out the very next day during my TKD practice, and amazingly enough-it stayed on! And even better, it kept the hair out of my face! 

Here's M styling the Bolder Band

I also like that the Bolder Band is made from a stretchy, absorbent material. The elasticity means it will keep it's shape and size well, and the absorption means that sweat no longer rolls into your eyes during a workout-the headband stops it! You can also change up how you wear the headband; it can be narrow, medium or wide, depending on your preference, and worn either over or under the ears, so you basically have 6 options in one sport headband. I personally prefer the widest option, because I've noticed that it stays in place better on my head.

So, how about a Bolder Band of your own so you can get outside and enjoy the summer without worrying about hair in your face? Here's your chance!!

Bolder Band sent me a Pink In Shape Headband for a giveaway!!