Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Pair Tree Flip Flop Holder #Giveaway

I could so use these products! Especially the Pack It and Stack It; I usually pack way more clothes than I need for a trip, and end up stuffing my suitcase. This would be such a help with that! Let's see what PI Of Products discovered...

How is everyone doing?  This morning we had TKD class (we are starting to prep for Tournament) and then a couple of people came and picked up their puppies.  This afternoon I am investigating two very keen products from My Pair Tree


The first, a My Pair Tree Flip-Flop Holder.  This is really nice, and great for anybody/family that has a lot of flip-flops, sandals, etc.  With having five girls in the family (and one that wears sandals, a lot) we have quite a few pairs of sandals and such. 

Is that neat or what?!?

The My Pair Tree is meant to hold up to 6 pairs of flip flops.  There are all sorts of different designs/prints to choose from on the website, I'm sure you will be able to find one you like!

I hung it near our back door!

The second product, is the Pack It & Stack It.  This is going to be a favorite of mine for while traveling, I can tell all ready!  The Pack It & Stack It is a space saving travel bag.  You place your clothing inside the bag, slide your zipper clip (included) across the top to close it, and then flatten the bag by squeezing out the extra air. 

What makes this different from other "space saving bags"?  I'll tell you why - There is no vacuum needed, just squeeze!  It reusable, just save and use again and again!  There is a double seal closure with a zipper clip, no more fighting to make sure you actually zipped it shut! 

And after...  Look at the difference!


These products are well worth purchasing.  I have a feeling my sister is going to try and steal my Pack It & Stack Its!  You can either try and win a My Pair Tree Flip-Flop holder here, or if you just can't wait that long you can purchase both the flip-flop holder and the Pack-It & Stack It on the My Pair Tree website.

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  1. I like the Hot Pink – Green – White – Purple flip flop holder

  2. I'd like the brown and blue dot design


  3. I Ike the black and white dots

  4. I love to pack it and stack it! This would be wonderful for packing away winter clothes for my kids during the summer months, so I could keep them in the top of the closet easily, and get them out without having to climb in the attic and drag down huge plastic totes.