Friday, May 9, 2014

Cool Feet This Summer with Kushyfoot!

How many of you have worn foot covers? I had actually never heard of them before finding them on Kushyfoot, and I wasn't quite sure how I would like them. I was excited to get a chance to try them out though; I received a package containing some of the new Spring 2014 products from Kushyfoot for review.

My package contained a Sheer Anklet, Sport Foot Cover, Extreme Low Cut Foot Cover, and Ultra Low Cut Foot Cover. For those who aren't familiar with foot covers (or am I the only person behind the times here!?), they are super-low cut "socks". They are perfect for wearing when you don't want your socks to show. For example, M and I like wearing them with our martial arts shoes during Taekwondo, so we don't have socks peering out above our shoes. These are perfect for that! 

For women who aren't involved in martial arts though, the foot covers are great for anywhere and everywhere wear. Whether it's a cute pair of sneakers, casual flats for running around town, or even a pair of dressy pumps, these foot covers are incredible. I love how Kushyfoot provides an extra touch of comfort with the padded sole at the ball of your foot. This is incredibly comfortable! And, in case you think the foot covers will just slip off because they're so low-cut-don't worry, they have a heel grip that keeps the cover on.

I also love the sheer anklet; these have become my go-to for wearing with dress flats. The zig-zag sole provides a nice cushioning effect, to keep your feet happy and comfortable all day. 

Visit Kushyfoot today and check out all their great footwear products. From foot covers to socks, slippers and the popular flats-to-go, you will be sure to enjoy each and every piece!


  1. I love Kushyfoot products. I wear their tights all winter long and they are the BEST! Super excited about the low foot covers for spring and summer!

  2. I've never heard of Kushyfoot but I may have to try these. I like how hidden they are. I also like the additional padding.