Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Kettlebell Kickboxing Final Results

Well, I can't believe I made it here-the end of my 60 day journey with Kettlebell Kickboxing! After weeks and weeks of training, I can see and feel such a huge difference in myself! The less noticeable (things I see but other people probably don't) include increased energy and endurance when exercising or in other activities such as martial arts, sports, etc. I've also noticed a more limber, mobile feeling. I've always been very active, but I can feel my body working better now-it's pretty amazing!

As far as the weight loss results, I am impressed with those as well. I lost a total of 11 pounds over the 60 days. Honestly I'm surprised I didn't gain some of that back, because this past week has been a little busy, and I ended up eating more junk food than I should have. Definitely going back to those cleaner eating habits this week! The inches weren't a huge difference, but enough that I can tell, especially when trying on clothes. Over the past 60 days, I have lost a total of 4 inches. I probably could have improved this by eating better the entire program, instead of the first couple weeks being pretty lax, and then last week as I said, eating more junk food than I should have. I've set my goal a little higher for the next 2 months of working with Kettlebell Kickboxing!

So, here's the before and after pictures. The before is a week or so before I started Kettlebell Kickboxing, and the after was just taken yesterday. 

Am I pleased with the results? You betcha! Although I'm still not quite to the point I want to be as far as weight and size, I'm not quitting-Kettlebell Kickboxing comes with a guide for the next 6+ weeks, and after that-who says I can't go back and start over again?! Honestly, if you want to lose weight, increase your fitness level, or just try a new, fun, workout program, I can not recommend Kettlebell Kickboxing enough!

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