Thursday, April 10, 2014

IRS Problems: Get Help From A Qualified Attorney

There are many reasons to contact a law professional. If you have found yourself in a sticky situation with the IRS, whether you got yourself there with some not-so-great decisions or you are there through no fault of your own, having the assistance of one who knows and understands the law is imperative. You can contact Mutual Law Group or any other quality professional law group to help you with many of life's curve balls.
IRS Wage Garnishments
The worst thing in life is to have your freedom or control of your own life and finances taken away from you. If you have found yourself in a situation where the IRS is garnishing your wages, or they have threatened to do so, don't try to navigate the world of garnishments on your own. A tax attorney in Sacramento, CA, can help you stop the IRS wage garnishments, quickly resolve your tax problems, and protect and save your hard-earned paycheck.
Bank Levy
Another tactic of the IRS to gain control of your money, a bank levy is the most common way the IRS takes control of your finances to gain money. A bank levy is when your assets and bank accounts are seized to garner payment for a debt owed to the IRS. With the help of an attorney specializing in IRS issues, you can quickly complete and submit paperwork to release your bank account and work out a repayment plan with the IRS.
Offer in Compromise
Mutual Law Group or other such IRS law professionals can help you work out a fair and reasonable solution to satisfy the demands of the IRS. Many times your attorney can work out an offer in compromise with the IRS, where the government consents to take a settlement that is less than the debt you owe, in exchange for your agreement to fully pay the debt in question. By doing this, you will have your freedom back and the government will be paid the debt they are owed and will be satisfied with your efforts. No matter the situation, you deserve to have the peace that comes with knowing that your debt is paid and you will not have to worry about the IRS seizing your assets or garnishing your paycheck.

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