Thursday, April 3, 2014

IdealShape Final Results!

Hey all! As you may have noticed, I extended the IdealShape a week. Since I received a little more than the month's supply, I decided to go an extra week. Now, let me say first of all, I ended up eating more junk food than I should have the final week of IdealShape. Things got busy and I got slack on my eating-yes, I know that's not a good excuse. However, I am glad to say that even with that, I still lost half a pound in the final week! Definitely wouldn't have happened if not for having my IdealShake every day! 

So, total weight loss over 5 weeks is 8 pounds. Yes, it took me an extra week to reach that 8 pound weight loss goal, but I did it! I'm very happy about it, and can not recommend IdealShape enough. It is the best-tasting protein/meal replacement shake I've ever tasted (believe me, I've tried quite a few in the past few years). It did leave me full for several hours, even longer than a 2-eggs-and-toast breakfast normally does! There's nothing I can say negative about the shakes and bars; they taste great, work great, and help you start eating smaller meals-which is one of the biggest hindrances to losing weight!
Oh, and if you wanted to see's a before and after picture.

If you're interested in losing weight or need to boost your protein intake, please check out IdealShape today-you won't regret it!

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