Saturday, April 12, 2014

GMO-Free Oral Care from Coldstream Naturals

Hey all, are you familiar with the GMO labeling battle? I'll be honest, I don't keep up much with these things, but I have heard a little bit about it. Basically, for those unfamiliar, GMO's are genetically modified organisms, and can include anything from your fruits and veggies to health care products. Did you know that over 50 countries have significant restrictions, and some even have outright bans, on GMO products? Yet in the US right now, companies are not required to even label their GMO products as such! The only way you can be assured that you are not using a GMO is by purchasing products with the USDA Organic seal. One such company is Coldstream Naturals, an oral care company that is completely GMO free.

I received the Purely Peppermint Organic Mouthwash and Organic Tooth Cream for review from Coldstream Naturals. Both of them, while having a distinct and fresh mint flavor, are not that overly strong, distasteful peppermint. You know the kind that burns your tongue, and leaves you needing to rinse your mouth out afterwards? I love using both products morning and evening; they leave my mouth feeling clean and fresh, with a nice minty breath. 

The organic tooth cream doesn't foam up like most toothpastes do, but it does get the job done. It cleans and polishes your teeth, and also cleanses the gums (a very important part of oral care that is often overlooked). These are the only non-GMO mouthwash and tooth cream in the country, and when you read the ingredient list, you can see the difference. Organic aloe barbadensis leaf juice, organic peppermint oil, cinnamon bark oil, stevia and sodium bicarbonate are some of the ingredients. What a difference from your average oral care products! If you want to feel safe while caring for your teeth and gums, I suggest you try Coldstream Naturals-the only GMO-free oral care products in the USA!


  1. I had NO idea GMOs were in beauty products too! how scary :(

  2. I had no idea either. I have recently started paying much more attention to GMO's and ingredient lists in general. This is great to know.