Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Custom Canvas Printing-Cheap!

Finding a quality service that is low-cost can be difficult, no matter what field you're looking in. We have several birthdays (not to mention Mother's Day) coming up in the next month or so, and shopping for gifts has been a big event, as I'm sure you can imagine. I love giving unique gifts, and custom gifts, so when I discovered CanvasChamp, I knew it would be a perfect gift idea. Hint:Everyone who still needs a Mother's Day Gift; instead of those oh-so-boring flowers and chocolates, why not get mom a custom canvas print?!

I received a 16x20 canvas print for review. The very first thing I noticed when receiving the package, is how well the print is packed for shipping! I unwrapped a layer of plastic wrap, then cardboard, then another layer of plastic shrink wrap. Be assured, your print will not get damaged in shipment when you order from CanvasChamp! I think it's the best packing job of any canvas or photo site I've ordered from. 

Once I uncovered all those layers of packing, I discovered my canvas. It came on a thin gallery wrap frame so it's all ready to hang, and the frame is very sturdy. Not one of those flimsy, this-will-break-if-it-gets-knocked-off-the-wall kind of things (yes, I have one of those, that I purchased through a pretty big-name company). It also includes the mounting pieces, and clear instructions so you can easily and properly hang your canvas.

Now, the print itself-is amazing! The colors are so clear and natural, you feel as if you're literally standing in the picture! I am excited about giving this to my parents for them to enjoy; a picture we took this past fall, that they will love to show off by hanging in the living room or dining room, I know.

So, if you're looking for a gift for Mother's Day, have a birthday coming up soon, or just have a special memory/picture you'd like to hang on your wall, I recommend CanvasChamp-it's low cost, it's quality, and it's fast!


  1. this is good to know! I'm always trying to find good quality canvas prints for cheap

  2. I have seen so many cute canvas prints and have been meaning to look into getting one made. Love that this is so low cost.

  3. Looks great. I like how the attention is paid to detail in the packaging.

  4. CanvasChamp will be a great idea as a gift. Then its low cost also.