Friday, April 11, 2014

Cleaning Made Easy With The SteamMachine!

How would you like a dual-purpose tool for your home that cleans and sanitizes practically any hard surface-from floors and counters to bbq grills and stovetops-and removes wallpaper?! Sounds too good to be true, right? A single machine that will peel that old wallpaper off, and the next day can be used to clean and/or disinfect your kitchen, bathroom, and grill? Yes, it's true-the machine you've been looking for all these years is called the SteamMachine, brought to you by HomeRight!

I received the SteamMachine for review, and let me tell you-my first though was exactly what I mentioned, this has got be too good to be true! Upon arrival and use though, I discovered that it works perfectly, and makes cleaning so much easier and faster. I'll be honest, I haven't used it for removing wallpaper at all-we don't have wallpaper in most of our house, and haven't needed to replace any recently. However, when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing, this is the perfect tool.

The SteamMachine comes with a multitude of accessories and add-ons to customize for whatever you need. Whether it's a small brush to get a hard-to-reach area behind the toilet, or a larger cleaning surface for big areas like the kitchen floor, you can utilize the SteamMachine for anything and everything.

Our kitchen and bathroom both have some hard-to-reach areas (under the dishwasher, behind the get the idea) that the SteamMachine makes so much easier to clean! I'm also planning on getting quite a bit of use out of it for cleaning our grill, now that we finally have warmer weather to bbq! The children always dread the "Whose turn is it to clean the grill?" question after a bbq, but now cleanup will be a snap!

So, have you decided you need a SteamMachine yet? Believe me, this little machine will change the way you clean, and how long you clean! No more scrubbing on hands and knees to get that spot under the counter, or getting frustrated when that stubborn spot on your stove won't come off. Just turn on the SteamMachine and you're good to go!


  1. You had me at "hard to reach area behind the toilet!" I have the Shark steam mop and that is my biggest complaint.

  2. Haha I was going to say the same thing; as soon as you said "area behind the toilet", I immediately felt guilty for not cleaning there. I have been wanting a steam machine like this for years.