Saturday, March 15, 2014

Loving Pets Review and #Giveaway #Petacular

Do any of you spoil your pets? While I don't overdo it, I do like giving them some special treatment everry once in a while. Whether it's a special food, an extra treat, or something a little more unique, if you like to spoil your pets, then you will love this company that PI Of Products was able to investigate...

Hello Agents! 

How is everyone doing today?  This Petacular Event has been extended more then I thought it would.  We have had a lot of great products so far, but today we will be investigating...

Loving Pets!

Princess Pansy received a Black Label Vintage Double Diner.  We love the antique/vintage look.  Doesn't it look great!  We really like the double diners because there is less of a chance of spilling it then there is with just a single dish. 

Very nice "vintage" feel.

Here is a little bit about our Double Diner... "Durable Vintage Double Diners add a touch of vintage style to any decor. Antique finishes are applied to galvanized steel bases which hold our Ruff N’ Tuff veterinarian recommended stainless steel bowl inserts. Embossed pawprints add depth and dimension to the design. The stainless steel bowl inserts are removable for easy cleaning. Both the bowls and the base are dishwasher safe. A skid free removable rubber base prevents slipping, sliding and spilling."

The Dishes are just the right size!
We have this set up in our kitchen along with Pansy's Bed (She usually sleeps by my bed, but as she is due anytime now we have a enclosed area for her in the kitchen).   She hasn't eaten out of any of the other Sheltie's dishes since we received this, and I think she knows that this is now hers :)

Pansy is the only one of our dogs allowed to use this set, so the dishes are just the right size for her food and water for the day. The stainless steel dishes are removable so they are VERY easy to take out and fill with food/water or clean. 

Love the embossed paw prints!

You can view Double Diners or other awesome products on the Loving Pets Website.  You can also Like them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitterto stay up to date with their latest news and products.


Loving Pets is a #1 Pet Product!


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  1. I actually like the vintage one the best =)

  2. I like the Black Label Aged Copper Rustic Bone Double Diner.

  3. I like the Pint Size Merlot one.

  4. i would choose the Dolce Double Diners® – Paparazzi Pink

  5. My favorite is the Dolce Double Diners® – Paparazzi Pink.

  6. I like the Dolce Double Diners® – Espresso

  7. I like the Black Label Mission Elevated Double Diner! It's really fits the style of our house.

  8. My favorite is the Dolce Double Diners® – Murano Blue. The bone shaped base is adorable and the color would look great with my kitchen decor.

  9. I like the Rustic Bone Raised Double Diners

  10. I like the Dolce Double Diners® – Merlot the best