Monday, March 24, 2014

Kettlebell Kickboxing Update

Well, here's my almost-final update on the Kettlebell Kickboxing program. This next week is my final week in the 60-day program, and I can already tell you-this program works! Using the advanced stacked program for the final 4 weeks has really made a difference. 

I am seeing such an improvement in how my body feels and moves, which to me is just as important as the weight loss aspect. I like having better endurance, the ability to be active for longer periods of time, without gasping for breath. One of the areas you focus on in these workouts is your breathing-in through your nose, out through your mouth-and it really helps in sports and other activities as well! Now when I run a couple miles, or practice sparring for half an hour, I can tell that my stamina is much better than it used to be. 

Of course, being that it's a fitness program, the weight loss is a big part as well. I'm waiting till next week's final to post to share the results of weight and inches lost, so check back then. In the meantime however, I will say that I have been steadily losing weight, and have noticed certain waistbands that used to be tight, are now a nice, easy fit! 

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